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Gregorian Chant

composed during the Medieval period
Gregorian Chant, or plainchant, is the great body of monophonic song developed by the early Christian church for use in worship. Most chant texts are drawn from the Latin Vulgate, which is the Holy Bible as translated and edited by the Roman Catholic Church. Since the Middle Ages, chants have been collected and published in various groupings. In the standard 1903 Editio Vaticana, chants are divided by liturgical type. masses are compiled in a volume known as the Gradual. The second volume is known as the Breviary and contains the Offices or "Hours," psalm settings, chants for Saints' or Feast Days, hymns, sequences, and other occasional pieces. Strict regulations dictate when these works are to be performed.

Prior to about 800 A.D., music and liturgy varied widely across the Holy Roman Empire. Nowhere was this more problematic than in Gaul, where churches and monasteries displayed a chaotic variety of practices nearly unique to each house of worship. Reforms instituted in Gaul under King Pippin III in 754, with encouragement from Rome and the support of Pippin's successor, Charlemagne, led to the creation of a standard body of chant. Regional churches were forced to conform to this standard, although Milan was spared. The notion identifying Gregory the Great (d. 604) as the divinely inspired composer of the chant (hence the term "Gregorian chant") is unsupportable historically. Nevertheless, the standardization process to which the story indirectly points was a crucially important development. For standardization called forth notation, a process that changed the course of European music.

Early chant notation utilized a wide variety of "neumes," which we might informally call squiggles that indicate the rise and fall of the voice. Over several centuries, simple clefs were devised and a single staff line employed. When eleventh century French theorist Guido of Arezzo introduced a staff of four lines, the result was a chant notation still comprehensible today -- at least in the realm of melody.

Chants were and are classified according to various other parameters besides liturgical function. Eighth and ninth century monastic theorists of chant adopted a system of eight standard modes adapted from ancient Greek writings; each mode was associated with a reciting tone used for large stretches of text. Chants are also referred to as syllabic (having one note per syllable), neumatic (mostly with several notes for each syllable), or melismatic (having many notes for each syllable). The towering melismatic chants of the Mass Proper (the parts of the mass that change over the liturgical year) are perhaps the most satisfying for modern listeners; some think that these very florid chants are among the oldest preserved in the repertory.

The chant repertory was not static; monks continued to create new chants even after the rise of polyphony. In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries there was an unprecedented increase in the number of sequences, hymns, tropes, and other incidental pieces added to the liturgy. These were not necessarily limited to the Vulgate; many are based on sacred poems and reflect the influence of popular taste. The Council of Trent in 1508 barred the tropes from sacred practice, limiting the number of acceptable sequences to three and allowing only a few hymns to remain in use.

In the nineteenth century, Benedictine monks at the Abbey of Solesmes undertook an exhaustive review of old plainchant sources; the Editio Vaticana that resulted remains a standard source of the liturgical chant used in Roman Catholic Churches throughout the world until the 1960s. The Liber Usualis, a standard-use chant book, is a compilation of frequently sung chants selected from among the many that exist for every part of the liturgy. ~ Uncle Dave Lewis , Rovi
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Mysteria

Title: Immutemur, Antiphon
Title: Kyrie XVII
Title: Laetatus Sum, Gradual In Mode 7 (Liber Usualis No. 560, GR 139)
Title: Hosanna Filio David, Antiphon For Palm Sunday
Title: Dominus Iesus, Antiphon In Mode 2
Title: Tenebrae, Responsory In Mode 7 (Liber Usualis, No. 680)
Title: Pange Lingua, Hymn In Mode 1
Title: Reproaches And Trisagion
Title: Vexilla Regis Prodeunt, Hymn In Mode 1 (Liber Usualis No. 575)
Title: Gloria In Excelsis
Title: Alleluia, Alleluia, Pascha Nostrum Immolatis Est Christus, In Mode 7, For Easter Sunday
Title: Victimae Paschali Laudes, Sequence In Mode 1 For Easter (1. T/GR 198, Liber Usualis No. 780)
Title: Jubilate Deo Universa, Offertory In Mode 1, (Liber Usualis, 486b)
Title: Agnus Dei XVII
Title: Alma Redmeptoris, Antiphon In Mode 5
Title: Ave Regina Caelorum, Antiphon In Mode 6
Title: Regina Caeli, Antiphon In Honor Of Our Lady
Title: Salve Regina, Antiphon In Mode 1

Track List: 1000: A Mass For The End Of Time / Anonymous 4

1. Judicii Signum, Processional Hymn: Processional Hymn: Judicii Signum

3. Celestis Terrestrisque, Kyrie: Kyrie: Celestis Terrestrisque

4. Prudentia Prudentium, Gloria: Gloria: Prudentia Prudentium

5. Dominus In Sina: Alleluia I: Dominus In Sina

6. Ascendens Christus: Alleluia II: Ascendens Cristus

7. Salvator Mundi / Rex Omnipotens Die Hodierna, Sequence: Sequence With Prose: Salvator Mundi/rex Omnipotens Die Hodierna

8. Elevatus Est Rex Fortis / Viri Galilei, Troped Offertory: Troped Offertory: Elevatus Est Rex Fortis/viri Galilei

9. Ante Secula, Sanctus: Sanctus: Ante Secula

10. Omnipotens Eterne (Agnus Dei): Agnus Dei: Omnipotens Eterne

11. Corpus Quod Nunc / Psallite Domino, Troped Communion: Troped Communion: Corpus Quod Nunc/psallite Domino

12. Apocalypse 21:1-5, Lection: Lection: Apocalypse 21:1-5

13. Regnantem Sempiterna, Prose: Prose: Regnantem Sempiterna

14. Cives Celestis Patrie, Hymn: Hymn: Cives Celestis Patrie


Track List: Ego Sum Resurrectio: Gregorian Chant For The Dead

1. Regem Cui Omnia Vivunt (invitatorium): Regem Cui Omnia Vivunt (Invitatorium)

2. Apud Dominum & Psalm 129, Antiphon In Mode 4a: Apud Dominum (Antiphona) - Psalmus 129

3. Subvenite, Responsory In Mode 4: Subvenite (Responsorium Prolixum)

4. Requiem Aeternam, Introit In Mode 6 (Liber Usualis 1807a): Requiem Aeternam (Introitus) - Kyrie

5. Espistola (1 Thessalonians 4, 13-18): Epistula (I. Thess. 4, 13 - 18)

6. Requiem Aeternam, Gradual In Mode 2: Requiem Aeternam (Responsorium-graduale)

7. Absolve, Domine, Animas Omnium, Tractus In Mode 8 (Liber Usualis No 1809): Absolve Domine (Tractus)

8. Dies Irae, Dies Illa, Sequence In Mode 1: Dies Irae (Sequentia)

9. Evangelium (Joann. 11, 21-27): Evangelium (Joann. 11, 21 - 27)

10. Domine Jesu Christe, Offertory: Domine Iesu Christe (Offertorium)

11. Prefatio: Prefatio

12. Prex Eucharistica III: Prex Eucharistica

13. Communion: Ritus Communionis

14. Lux Aeterna, Communion, Mode 8: Lux Aeterna (Communio)

15. Libera Me, Domine, De Morte Eterna, Responsory: Libera Me (Responsorium-prolixum)

16. In Paradisum, Antiphon: In Paradisum - Chorus Angelorum (Antiphonae)

17. Ego Sum Resurrectio Et Via, Antiphon / Canticum Zachariae: Ego Sum Resurrectio (Antiphona) - Benedictus (Canticum)


Track List: Singing With Mary And The Saints

1. Ave Maria, Antiphon: Ave, Maria (Hail Mary), Annunciation (Feast Day: 3/25)

2. Ecce Virgo: Ecce, Virgo (Behold A Virgin), Annunciation (Feast Day: 3/25)

3. Hymnis Angelicis: Hymnis Angelicis (With Angelic Hymns), St. Scholastica (Feast Day: 2/10)

4. Iustus Germinabit: Iustus Germinabit (The Just Will Blossom), St. Joseph (Feast Day: 3/19)

5. Hodie S. Benedictus, Antiphon In Mode 2: Hodie Sanctus Benedictus (Today St. Benedict), St. Benedict (Feast Day: 3/21)

6. Tu, Puer: Tu, Puer (You, O Child), St. John The Baptist (Feast Day: 6/24)

7. Tu Es Pastor: Tu Es Pastor (You Are Shepherd), Ss. Peter And Paul (Feast Day: 6/29)

8. Ignem Veni Mittere: Ignem Veni Mittere (I Came To Cast Fire), St. Ignatius Of Loyola (Feast Day: 7/31)

9. Beatus Iste Sanctus: Beatus Iste Sanctus (Blessed This Saint), St. Dominic (Feast Day: 8/8)

10. Quia Ergo Femina: Quia Ergo Femina (For As A Woman), St. Hildegard (Feast Day: 9/17)

11. Magna Est Gloria: Magna Est Gloria (Great Is The Glory), St. Matthew (Feast Day: 9/21)

12. Vivo Autem Ego: Vivo Autem Ego (I Still Live), St. Francis Of Assisi (Feast Day: 10/4)

13. Vos Qui Secuti Estis Me, Antiphon, Mode 1: Vos Qui Secuti Estis (You Who Have Followed), St. Luke (Feast Day: 10/18)

14. Gaudeamus: Gaudeamus (Let Us Rejoice), All Saints (Feast Day: 11/1)

15. Gospel According To Saint Matthew: Gospel Of Matthew, All Saints (Feast Day: 11/1)

16. O Quam Glorifica, Hymn In Mode 2: O Quam Gloriosum (O How Glorious), All Saints (Feast Day: 11/1)


Track List: Ultimate Chants II

Disc 1

6. Ave Mater, Sequence In Mode 6: Ave Mater

8. Paradisi Portae, Antiphon In Mode 4: Paradisi Portae/eructavit

10. Attende Domine Et Miserere, Prayer In Mode 5: Attende Domine Et Miserere

12. Salve Festa Dies, Hymn In Mode 4: Salve Festa Dies

14. Veni Sancte Spiritus: Veni Sancte Spiritus

19. Ubi Caritas Et Amor [Ubi Caritas Est Vera], Antiphon In Mode 6 (Liber Usualis No. 675; GR 207): Ubi Caritas Et Amor

Disc 2


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I love this music. Especially at bedtime while saying my nightly prayers. I attend a Latin Mass on Sundays at St Michaels Abbey in Orange,Ca. That I absolutely love.
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Very relaxing. Centers my being. Lets me just relax. What a way to unwind from everyday life.
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I agree
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Happy Easter 2016 !
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not religious, just find it very pretty and the acoustics relaxing.
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You are NOT Gregorian Chant, and you do a disservice to us who are trying to build a station based on Gregorian Chant. More than half of this stuff (good in itself) is not GREGORIAN CHANT.
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Domi te Deos te O Te!
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Wow this and spiritual deep music to be connected with God, I love it !!!.
Report as inappropriate
@littlearod: Amen! I couldn't agree more. (Btw I bet that's a beautiful experience. I wish I could go to daily Mass but our church is too far away...)
Report as inappropriate
Wow Kelli, have a real bad time at St. Thomas grade school???
Report as inappropriate
“A person can be very religious with no spirituality (as most Christians & Muslims are), or very spiritual, with no religiosity at all (like a solitary eclectic Pagan).”

This comment shows your ignorance and baseless arrogance like most solitary eclectic, to lazy and dumb to learn what Christianity is really about, secular humanist-Mar x i s t pagans!
Report as inappropriate
I go to daily Mass at a monastery where only chant is sung by the sisters. It is so peaceful and beautiful. I don't want to sound cliche or anything...b u t chant really does dispose your soul to God. It is amazing!
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I agree garydarian.. . i t helps me during prayer and to get closer to God
Report as inappropriate
FYI: The Armenian Apostolic church, which dates back to early 4th century, still today uses Gregorian chant for it's mass and liturgy.
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These chants elevate your spirit and mood at a great deal. It brings a sense of gratitude to the Creator of all:GOD. Saint Tomas said prayer is one of the most noble acts one can do, as you use your highest part (brain) to connect to highest being(God).
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wow, I want some of what you're smokin'
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ligiacollado 5 9
Music, an expression of living beings. These chants inspire a deep understandin g of nature, just as the whale chants, deep ocean waters communicatio n between living creatures. I hope one day people will learn how to understand their own humanity, no need of gods to love ourselves, to find how great we can be when we are in peace, not defending a particular god, just respecting and loving our similarities and differences, between our cultures and between all species inhabiting this planet.
Report as inappropriate
Sounds like the universe unfolding
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My favorite chant CD, (edited perfectly).
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gracesofthec h i l d m a r y
Edited? Excuse me?
Report as inappropriate
Wcleath1, Spirituality is independent of religion. Religion (especially the Abrahamic tradition religions) was specifically designed to serve as as a form of social control, whereas Spirituality is very personal and individualiz e d . A person can be very religious with no spirituality (as most Christians & Muslims are), or very spiritual, with no religiosity at all (like a solitary eclectic Pagan). Spirituality is about developing a personal relationship with the divine, not following rules.
Report as inappropriate
As a child Gregorian Chants were part of my church experience. I rediscovered its power and I am richer for it. Unfortunatel y it's not part of any church service in my area. I agree with the comment made by castillofl19 8 3 18 days ago.
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castillofl19 8 3
Music in our church today can't compare to this....we threw out the baby with the bath water!
Report as inappropriate
Having Wi-Fi, I set my smart phone to my Gregorian Chant station every night as I go to bed and fall asleep to this glorious music that shuts itself off (in that I'm not hitting thumbs up or down) after about 2 hours..... btw, vmeagle, since when is spirituality not religious??? ? duh......... .
Report as inappropriate
Chant is not religious. Its a form of spirituality that mends and heals the mind and soul.
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Report as inappropriate
God speaks to me through these chants ... and Bach; I know She is.
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Try this in adoration of the Holy eucharist
Report as inappropriate
Very holy music. It's almost as if I can feel God's presence when I listen to it. I listen to it whenever I say my rosary.
Report as inappropriate
God is in the place where is worshiped
Report as inappropriate
Very enchanting and relaxing. The Latin makes it universal- it can mean anything you want it to, atheist, Christian, or otherwise. Same feel as the Muslim prayers as well, maybe we're more alike than we lead ourselves to believe.
Report as inappropriate
I just discovered these chants and I'm glad I did. This is very beautiful.
Report as inappropriate
While I am not Catholic, as a Christian i love listening to these chants that have come down through the ages. Praising our Holy God! The faithful will never cease to praise Him. Here on earth and in the Heaven we wait to see.
Report as inappropriate
I'm atheist, but still, this is the most beautiful thing to come out of the Christian faith, especially in the Dark Ages.
Report as inappropriate
saralberlang a 5
@pete.reckin g e r Let us never think we are holier than the Pope.
Report as inappropriate
This type of music would never slither it is The Words of God Gregorian chant was based on biblical writing Forgive them they know not what they do
Report as inappropriate
Still trying to figure out how this type of music managed to slither into my RITTZ station. What the hell pandora...
Report as inappropriate
This is absolutely the most relaxing and beautiful voices of chanting; Praise to God, the most High! I wish I could hear this every Sunday at Mass. My mother use to sing in Catholic Choir and this was always my favorite closeness way to feel the Presence of God.
Report as inappropriate
Inner priest to Yee<> sense of forgiveness. . of self and of others ..angels singing this to audience....
Report as inappropriate
Wonderful presentation . Calming influence.
Report as inappropriate
I feel that this is as close to what the angels in heaven sound like that we can enjoy here on earth. One day, I will enjoy hearing the angels themselves. Most relaxing music, peaceful and God centered.
Report as inappropriate
I love God, I love the Priesthood.
Report as inappropriate
How beautiful. I can
Think of no way to praise Christ Jesus than plainc
Report as inappropriate
Beautiful! Makes me feel so close to God.
Report as inappropriate
Good Heavens! I love chant. It reminds me of such happier times in the Catholic Church. Too bad Vatican Council II through the baby out with the bath water when attempting to modernize the church. I'm happy I landed here when attempting to find some Easter music. Couldn't even find Easter Parade or Peter Cottontail. What's up with that? Thank goodness I thought of checking out some appropriate Gregorian Chant!
Report as inappropriate
God put it on my heart just a minute ago to request the Gregorian Chants on Pandora. I used to listen to these chants long ago. I'm thinking the Angelic Choir will be singing these chants as they descend to Earth with Jesus Christ who is coming back soon. May God continue to bless us with Divine Music, and touch the hearts of stone who are all around us, and turn them all to flesh, and make us all ready for the Rapture which is to take place sooner than we think.
Report as inappropriate
If this music doesn't bring you closer to God and feel wrapped in spirituality , I am not sure what will.
Report as inappropriate
I'm not religious at all, maybe a little (recently) spritually open, but this music really takes me a to a place I like to think is the middle ages or around that time, or maybe a more fantastical place that is similar. A place of castles, dragons, wizards, sorcerers, kingdoms and swords. :)
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praytherosar y 9
So, soothing to the soul, thank you Jesus...
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