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Carl Perkins

While some ill-informed revisionist writers of rock history would like to dismiss Carl Perkins as a rockabilly artist who became a one-hit wonder at the dawn of rock & roll's early years, a deeper look at his music and career reveals much more. A quick look at his songwriting portfolio shows that he composed "Daddy Sang Bass" for Johnny Cash, "I Was So Wrong" for Patsy Cline, and "Let Me Tell You About Love" for the Judds, big hits and classics all. His influence as the quintessential rockabilly artist has played a big part in the development of every generation of rockers to come down the pike since, from the Beatles' George Harrison to the Stray Cats' Brian Setzer to a myriad of others in the country field as well. His guitar style is the other twin peak -- along with that of Elvis' lead man Scotty Moore -- of rockabilly's instrumental center, so pervasive that modern-day players automatically gravitate toward it when called upon to deliver the style, not even realizing that they're playing Perkins licks, sometimes note for note. As a singer, his interpretation of country ballads is every bit as fine as his better-known rockers. And within the framework of the best of his music is a strong sense of family and roots, all of which trace straight back to his humble beginnings.

He was born to sharecroppers Buck and Louise Perkins (misspelled on his birth certificate as "Perkings") and was soon out in the fields picking cotton and living in a shack with his parents, older brother Jay, and his younger brother Clayton. Working alongside blacks in the field every day, it's not at all surprising that when Carl was gifted with a secondhand guitar, he went to a local sharecropper for lessons, learning firsthand the boogie rhythm that he would later build a career on. By his teens, Carl was playing electric guitar and had recruited his brothers Jay on rhythm guitar and Clayton on string bass to become his first band. The Perkins Brothers Band, featuring both Carl and Jay on lead vocals, quickly established itself as the hottest band in the get-hot-or-go-home cutthroat Jackson, TN, honky tonk circuit. It was here that Carl started composing his first songs with an eye toward the future. Watching the dancefloor at all times for a reaction, Perkins kept reshaping these loosely structured songs until he had a completed composition, which would then be finally put to paper. Perkins was already sending demos to New York record companies, who kept rejecting him, sometimes explaining that this strange new hybrid of country with a black rhythm fit no current commercial trend. But once Perkins heard Elvis on the radio, he not only knew what to call it, but knew that there was a record company person who finally understood it and was also willing to gamble in promoting it. That man was Sam Phillips and the record company was Sun Records, and that's exactly where Perkins headed in 1954 to get an audition.

It was here at his first Sun audition that the structure of the Perkins Brothers Band changed forever. Phillips didn't show the least bit of interest in Jay's Ernest Tubb-styled vocals but flipped over Carl's singing and guitar playing. A scant four months later, he had issued the first Carl Perkins record, "Movie Magg"/"Turn Around," both sides written by the artist. By his second session, he had added W.S. Holland -- a friend of Clayton's -- to the band playing drums, a relatively new innovation to country music at the time. Phillips was still channeling Perkins in a strictly hillbilly vein, feeling that two artists doing the same type of music (in this case, Elvis and rockabilly) would cancel each other out. But after selling Elvis' contract to RCA Victor in December, Perkins was encouraged to finally let his rocking soul come up for air at his next Sun session. And rock he did with a double whammy blast that proved to be his ticket to the bigs. The chance overhearing of a conversation at a dance one night between two teenagers coupled with a song idea suggestion from labelmate Johnny Cash inspired Perkins to approach Phillips with a new song he had written called "Blue Suede Shoes." After cutting two sides that Phillips planned on releasing as a single by the Perkins Brothers Band, Perkins laid down three takes each of "Blue Suede Shoes" and another rocker, "Honey Don't." A month later, Phillips decides to shelve the two country sides and go with the rockers as Perkins' next single. Three months later, "Blue Suede Shoes," a tune that borrowed stylistically from pop, country, and R&B music, sat at the top of all charts, the first record to accomplish such a feat while becoming Sun's first million-seller in the bargain.

Ready to cash in on a national basis, Carl and the boys headed up to New York for the first time to appear on The Perry Como Show. While en route their car rammed the back of a poultry truck, putting Carl and his brother Jay in the hospital with a cracked skull and broken neck, respectively. While in traction, Perkins saw Presley performing his song on The Dorsey Brother Stage Show, his moment of fame and recognition snatched away from him. Perkins shrugged his shoulders and went back to the road and the Sun studios, trying to pick up where he left off.

The follow-ups to "Shoes" were, in many ways, superior to his initial hit, but each succeeding Sun single held diminishing sales, and it wasn't until the British Invasion and the subsequent rockabilly revival of the early '70s that the general public got to truly savor classics like "Boppin' the Blues," "Matchbox," "Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby," "Your True Love," "Dixie Fried," "Put Your Cat Clothes On," and "All Mama's Children." While labelmates Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis (who played piano on "Matchbox") were scoring hit after hit, Perkins was becoming disillusioned with his fate, fueled by his increasing dependence on alcohol and the death of his brother Jay to cancer. He kept plugging along, and when Cash left Sun to go to Columbia in 1958, Perkins followed him over. The royalty rate was better, and Perkins had no shortage of great songs to record, but Columbia's Nashville watch-the-clock production methods killed any of the spontaneity that was the charm of the Sun records. By the early '60s, after being dropped by Columbia and moving over to Decca with little success, Perkins was back playing the honky tonks and contemplating getting out of the business altogether. A call from a booking agent in 1964 offering a tour of England changed all of that. Temporarily swearing off the bottle, Perkins was greeted in Britain as a conquering hero, playing to sold-out audiences and being particularly lauded by a young beat group on the top of the charts named the Beatles. George Harrison had cut his musical teeth on Perkins' Sun recordings (as had most British guitarists) and the Fab Four ended up recording more tunes by him than any other artist except themselves. The British tour not only rejuvenated his outlook, but suddenly made him realize that he had gone -- through no maneuvering of his own -- from has-been to legend in a country he had never played in before. Upon his return to the States, he hooked up with old friend and former labelmate Cash and was a regular fixture of his road show for the next ten years, bringing his battle with alcohol to an end. The '80s dawned with Perkins going on his own with a new band consisting of his sons backing him. His election to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the mid-'80s was no less than his due. After a long battle with throat cancer, Perkins died in early 1998, his place in the history books assured. ~ Cub Koda
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Greatest Hits from the King of Rockabilly

1. Honky Tonk Girl

2. Turn Around

4. Honey Don't

5. Boppin' the Blues

6. All Mama's Children

7. Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby

8. Dixie Fried

9. Put Your Cat Clothes On

10. Only You

11. Glad All Over

14. Hound Dog

15. Tutti Frutti

16. Rock Island Line

18. Susie Q

21. Matchbox

25. Sundays are Fundays With My Lord

27. Every Road


Track List: Grandes Éxitos

1. Country Soul

2. Daddy Sang Bass

4. Every Road

5. Georgia Court Room

6. This Old House

7. Glad All Over

8. Honky Tonk Gal

9. Maybelline

11. Rise and Shine

12. Sing a Song

13. Standing in the Need of Love

14. Sweeter Than Candy

15. All Shook Up

16. What Am I Living For


Track List: The Greatest Hits Collection

1. Boppin' The Blues

2. Movie Magg

3. Gone Gone Gone

4. Let The Juke Box Keep On Playing

5. Dixie Fried

6. Turn Around

7. Glad All Over

8. All Mama´s Children

9. Lend Me Your Comb

10. Pink Pedal Pushers

11. Your True Love

12. Blue Suede Shoes

13. Honey Don't

14. Highway Of Love

15. Pop, Let Me Have The Car

18. Put Your Cat Clothes On

21. Matchbox

22. Y.O.U.

23. Pointed Toe Shoes

24. Tennessee

25. Sure To Fall

26. I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry

27. That's Right

28. Forever Yours

29. Jive After Five


Track List: The Best Of Carl Perkins

1. Blue Suede Shoes

2. Matchbox

3. Boppin' The Blues

4. Your True Love

5. Turn Around

6. Pink Pedal Pushers

7. Movie Magg

8. Glad All Over

10. Jive After Five

11. That's Right

13. Dixie Fried

14. Honey Don't

15. Tennessee

16. All Mama's Children

17. I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry

18. Pointed Toe Shoes

19. Let The Juke Box Keep On Playing

20. Highway Of Love


Track List: Matchbox

1. You Can Do No Wrong

2. Caldonia

3. Roll Over Beethoven

4. Matchbox

5. Put Your Cat Clothes On

6. Your True Love

7. Her Love Rubbed Off

8. Pink Pedal Pushers

9. That's Right

10. Look at That Moon

11. Glad All Over

12. Lend Me Your Comb


Track List: The Legendary Sun Classics

1. Blue Suede Shoes

2. Matchbox

3. Put Your Cat Clothes On

4. Dixie Fried

5. Honey Don't

6. Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing

7. Boppin' The Blues

8. Movie Magg

9. Pink Pedal Pushers

10. Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby

11. Right String Baby, Wrong Yo-Yo

12. Sure To Fall

13. That Don't Move Me

14. Caldonia


Track List: The Fabulous Carl Perkins Vol. 2

1. Brown Eyed Handsome Man

2. Keeper Of The Key

8. Sweethearts Or Strangers

9. Be Honest With Me

10. Caldonia

11. Her Love Rubbed Off

12. Roll Over Beethoven

13. You Can Do No Wrong

14. That's Right

15. Forever Yours

17. Y.O.U

18. Look At That Moon

19. Lend Me Your Comb

20. Glad All Over


Track List: The Fabulous Carl Perkins Vol. 1

1. Blue Suede Shoes

2. Honey Don't

3. Boppin' The Blues

4. All Mama's Children

5. Put Your Cat Clothes On

6. Dixie Fried

7. Honky Tonk Gal

8. Movie Magg

9. Turn Around

10. Dixie Bop

11. Perkins Wiggle

13. You Can't Make Love To Somebody

14. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby

15. Right String Baby But The Wrong Yo-Yo

16. Tennessee

17. That Don't Move Me

18. I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry

19. Your True Love

20. Matchbox


Track List: Carl Perkins: Legends

3. Dixie Fried

4. Rock Island Line

5. We Did It In '54

6. Love's The Only Thing That's Free

7. Hurt Put On By You, The

8. Redneck

9. Every Road

10. Jailhouse Rock

11. Sweeter Than Candy

12. Lucille

13. Hallelujah Special

14. Take Me Back

15. Daddy Sang Bass

16. I Can Feel It

17. Sundays Are Fun Days With My Lord

18. What Am I Living For

19. Right String But The Wrong Yo-Yo

20. I Want You Back Again

22. I Don't Want To Fall In Love Again

24. Country Soul

25. This Ole House

26. Love Kept It All Together

27. Born To Boogie

28. "21"

29. Mama

30. I Don't Like What I'm Seeing In You

32. Rise And Shine

33. Georgia Courtroom

34. Disciple In Blue Suede Shoes

36. Standing In The Need Of Love

37. All Shook Up


Track List: Carl Perkins - Songbook

3. What Am I Living For

4. I Can Feel It

5. Slippin' & Slidin'

6. I Don't Like What I'm Seeing In You

9. The Hurt Put On By You

10. I Want You Back Again

12. Redneck

13. Country Soul

14. Georgia Court Room

15. Born To Boogie

16. Take Me Back

17. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby

19. Sing A Song

21. All Shook Up

22. Daddy Sang Bass

23. Hallelujah Special

24. Sundays Are Fundays With My Lord

25. Mama

26. Every Road

27. Rise And Shine

29. Sweeter Than Candy

30. This Ole House

31. 21

32. I Don't Want To Fall In Love Again

33. We Did It In '54

35. Rock Island Line

36. Lucille

37. Jailhouse Rock

38. Standing In The Need Of Love

39. Boppin' The Blues

40. Matchbox


Track List: Lonely Street


Track List: I Care

1. Hallelujah Special

4. Honky Tonk Gal

6. I Don't Like What I'm Seeing In You

7. I Don't Want To Fall In Love Again

8. I Want You Back Again

10. Instrumental Medley

11. Keeper Of The Key

13. Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing


Track List: Tennesse Bop

1. Blue Suede Shoes

2. Honky Tonk Gal

3. Glad All Over

4. Perkins Wiggle

5. Honey Don't

6. Matchbox

7. Put Your Cat Clothes On

8. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby

9. Lend Me Your Comb

10. Dixie Fried

12. Tennessee

13. Gone, Gone, Gone

14. All Mama's Children


Track List: Orby Records Spotlights Carl Perkins

1. Blue Suede Shoes

2. Turn Around

3. Honey Don't

4. Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing

5. Boppin' The Blues

6. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby

7. Honky Tonk Gal

8. Dixie Fried

9. That's Right

10. Lend Me Your Comb

11. Put Your Cat Clothes On

12. Matchbox

13. Only You

14. Glad All Over


Track List: On Top

1. Superfool

2. I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down

3. A Lion In The Jungle

4. Baby, What You Want Me To Do?

5. Soul Beat

6. Riverboat Annie

7. Champaign, Illinois

8. Power Of My Soul

9. Brown-Eyed Handsome Man

10. C.C. Rider


Track List: The Complete Sun Singles

1. Movie Magg

2. Turn Around

3. Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing

4. Gone, Gone, Gone

5. Blue Suede Shoes

6. Honey Don't!

7. Sure To Fall

8. Tennessee

9. Boppin' The Blues

10. All Mama's Children

11. Dixie Fried

12. I'm Sorry, I'm Not Sorry

13. Your True Love

14. Matchbox

15. That's Right

16. Forever Yours

17. Lend Me Your Comb

18. Glad All Over


Track List: Greatest Hits - Finest Performances

1. Blue Suede Shoes

2. Boppin' The Blues

3. Lend Me Your Comb

4. Only You

5. Tennessee

6. Honey Don't

7. Matchbox

8. Dixie Fried

9. Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo

10. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby

11. Your True Love

12. Roll Over Beethoven


Track List: Country Soul

2. The Hurt Put On By You

3. I Want You Back Again

4. Country Soul

5. Redneck

7. We Did It In '54

8. Don't Get Off Gettin' It On

9. 21

10. Standing In The Need Of Love


Track List: Original Golden Hits

1. Blue Suede Shoes

2. Boppin' The Blues

3. Lend Me Your Comb

4. Only You

5. Tennessee

6. Honey Don't

7. Matchbox

8. Dixie Fried

9. Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo

10. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby

11. Your True Love


Track List: The Dance Album

1. Blue Suede Shoes

2. Movie Magg

3. Sure To Fall

4. Gone, Gone, Gone

5. Honey Don't

6. Only You

7. Tennessee

8. Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo

9. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby

10. Matchbox

11. Your True Love

12. Boppin' The Blues


Track List: Whole Lotta Shakin'

1. Whole Lotta Shakin'

2. Tutti - Frutti

3. Shake, Rattle And Roll

4. Sittin' On Top Of The World

5. Ready Teddy

6. Long Tall Sally

7. That's All Right

8. Where The Rio De Rosa Flows

9. Good Rockin' Tonight

10. I Got A Woman

11. Hey, Good Lookin'

12. Jenny, Jenny


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Rock ������������
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Rock on
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Carl sang a Ghost Riders in the Sky. Best version l ever heard of it. Can not find it anywhere. Great a Singer. ��™
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Rock n Roll. Carl could Rock with the best
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Im sad but i love my great great uncles music. wish more people knew him. -Trinitey Perkins
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arrowdave6: Carl Perkins died of cancer in 1998. He was never in Vietnam. Too old. Aside from that, Carl Perkins is held in high esteem in the world of rock and roll and country music and for damn good reason.
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When Elvis came around Carl Perkins was the man,in my book he was every bit as good as Elvis.Hillbi l l y rock rules!
Report as inappropriate
I really like Carl's music. He is a seminal figure in rock and roll and as influential as Berry, Jerry Lee and even Elvis in many ways.
Report as inappropriate
The beginning of Rock and roll!!!!
Report as inappropriate
They called it rockabilly but it was still rock an roll
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Did anybody at all sit down at a dance when this dudes platters were spun? Hell no! Carl rocks out. He was a natural and a real pioneer in rockabilly.
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George Harrison loved this cat,he even recorded thinking one with the Beatles.How cool is that?
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This defines the cool of Rock a Billy for me.He was another real around Memphis when I was a wild kid.What a great town and a great time to grow up in.I was so lucky.
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And, I'm told, a finer gentleman never lived. A historical point that younger listeners miss is that many southern combos were working on their own blends of R&B and country, the Perkins brothers, Scotty and Bill, Buddy Holly, and Chuck Berry among them. Elvis was the breakout artist, and he had something special, but they all did.
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Long Live my grandfathers cousin Love you Carl perkins
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nadia.nunez4 5 : Elvis was a fine singer of other people's songs. Carl Perkins was not only a good songwriter and singer but a real fine guitarist. A true pioneer of the idiom who provided Elvis with a huge hit - Blue Suede Shoes and many of his songs were covered by The Beatles. An early inspiration for George Harrison.
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nadia.nunez4 5
Elvis is better
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@braxtonmall a r d : you are Ill Informed.
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braxtonmalla r d
Copied from Elvis come on
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His bio talked about my great-great- g r e a t grandfather who was his father so. I love you Carl Perkins I'm proud to be a perkins
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carl perkins is one of the best song writer of rock and roll
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I met Carl in k-town Germany in 65 while in the army at the service club.sure miss nickel nite beer.on Fridays.I was bopping the blues all nite!! Down with the Berlin wall.
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carl is underated and great; buddy holly was a transformati o n a l figure in rock and roll
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Carl invented what others discovered. Keep Jesus rocking ....
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Roger, you are completely wrong on this one. Buddy Holly was in a class all his own. However, Carl Perkins was a class act and woefully overlooked for the contribution s he made to the creation of rock and roll.
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Sorry ,BuddyHolley was not even in Carl's class.Did not even know how to pick guitar.I liked Buddy but not in Carl's class
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Carl Perkins was in there kicking a** when others were training for their careers.He helped get it started.Was one (cool Dude)back in the 50's
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a true Tennessee Treasure!
Report as inappropriate
he was a great Tennessee boy & I miss from Memphis.
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Ran out & bought Blue Suede Shoes right after I first heard it on my little transistor radio. Now some 50 plus years later I have immersed myself in Carls whole portfolio. He was truly one of the great founding fathers of Rock n Roll & NEVER got the credit he deserved. Well, you do in my house Carl !
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Carl Perkin's influence on R&R is unmeasurable !
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And the Stray Cats made more money even in adusted dollars. Just liten to them and hear Carl Perkins. They might have been good but only because of Carl
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can hear a lot of Carl's style in my playing. Thank you Carl !!!!!
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A man among men, in rock and roll
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Boy Carl has always done it for me. I find the guy captivating anytime I hear him. He is an original classic artist / trend setter.
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amen to the million dollar quartet except nothing was ever a finished product still it is awsome
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check out the Million Dollar Quartet CD -- Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis,
and Carl Perkins jamming at Sun Records. The recording was just an afterthought as these guys jammed
so the miking is not great - but the guys sound great --- Jerry's piano, Elvis singing, and especially Carls
guitar --- check out his picking in between the numbers --- the man was a grand master
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myself i like buddy holly but thats just me
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What a great influence to so many great bands. Tnink about it.
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The real cool rockin' daddy!
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Dixie Fried, one of the greatest rockabilly/c o u n t r y tunes ever.
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No mention of Buddy Holly? It was Holly's music that carried Perkins' style to the Beatles and the Stones.
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Long live his music.
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Carl Perkins, King of Rockabilly. Long may his music play!
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Fabulous! Way ahead of his time! Carl Perkins, the first and the best!
Report as inappropriate
Greatest songs--boppi n ' the blues, blue suede shoes, matchbox. A terrific artist
Report as inappropriate
This was the guy that was rattling our transitor radios in the '54 and '55 when we were fighting acne, social insecurity, and trying to find our own identity. He began the generation that would march to the beat a different drummer.
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