Product & Technology

In Product and Engineering, we work intelligently and check our egos at the door in order to deliver quality products and software. Our Product teams define, build and deliver roadmaps for our Listener, Advertiser and Music Maker product portfolio, incorporating insights, customer feedback and business goals to innovate highly usable products and drive adoption. In Engineering, we are responsible for writing the software that supports all of our products and platforms. Difficult challenges are embraced and approached collaboratively, taking on scaling, analytics, and algorithmic problems daily. Sure, we make mistakes—but never the same one twice.

In Tech Ops and IT, we've quietly developed one of the best teams out there to build and manage a complex and evolving installation used by millions of music and comedy listeners daily. We bring together modern and long-standing best practices to design, implement, and run systems with high performance and availability. These systems, which include many open source, in-house, and enterprise technologies, route and deliver petabytes a day. Our IT department prides itself on customer service, using technology to increase the productivity of Pandora employees.

Servers, operations, configurations. What don't they do?

Listen to the Product & Technology Team jingle.