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Beenie Man

One of Jamaica's biggest exports, Beenie Man's recording career stretches back to 1981, although it was in the sound systems where he later made his mark. The witty toaster began his true ascent to stardom in the early '90s, and by 1994, his reputation couldn't be beat. Beenie Man was born Moses Davis in the tough Waterhouse district of Kingston, Jamaica, on August 22, 1973. By the time he was ready for school, the toddler had already decided on a career as a DJ. He wasn't the first tot with dreams of the limelight, but Beenie actually had a true gift for gab. His shot at stardom came when he was only eight, when he took first prize at the national Teeny Talent contest. This led to a meeting with producer Junjo Lawes, who recorded the diminutive DJ's debut single, "Too Fancy." Bunny Lee then took the boy under his wing and put him to work at his Unlimited sound system.

By 1983, the youngster found himself appearing on Lawes' Junjo Presents Two Big Sound, which was recorded live and featured such DJ heavyweights as Dillinger and Fathead. Along with Unlimited, Beenie was also DJ'ing at Prince Jammy's Volcano sound system, had a hit single to his credit, "Over the Sea," produced by Niney Holness, and even had a debut album out. Produced by Lee, The Invincible Beenie Man, the 10 Year Old DJ Wonder's title pretty much summed it all up. He recorded some songs with Barrington Levy in 1984, two of which, "Under Mi Sensi" and "Two Sounds," would resurface in remixed form later in the '90s. But for the moment, his recording career came virtually to a close, bar the occasional single. But the young DJ remained a sound system favorite, even as he now turned his attention to his schoolwork.

Not surprisingly, Beenie's younger brother, Little Kirk, was keen to follow in his footsteps, and five years later the siblings hooked up with producer Patrick Roberts and began recording a series of singles that quickly brought them into the national spotlight. In 1992, Beenie appeared at Reggae Sunsplash and such was the response that the DJ now felt ready to take on the big guns. Beenie's first target was the acclaimed Bounty Killer, although the young DJ had cause for his attack as the veteran had stolen his catch phrase, "people dead," and the war was on. There was a lull in the very public battle in 1993 when Beenie left Kingston for almost a year after being booed off the stage at a national show celebrating the visit of Nelson Mandela. Upon his return the next year, there was a public reconciliation with Bounty Killer, which resulted in the split album Guns Out.

Beenie had a major change of heart, further evidenced by his single "No Mama No Cry," a version of Bob Marley's "No Woman No Cry," a scathing indictment of violence, inspired by the murder of fellow DJ Pan Head. The song topped the Jamaican chart and brought the DJ instant acclaim. Pan Head's murder would go unsolved, adding to Beenie's emotional devastation, with additional contemporaries lost to violence later that year. Beenie was affected by these events and Sly & Robbie, the producers of his "No Mama No Cry" single, were instrumental in guiding the young DJ toward his conversion to Rastafarianism.

A new attitude and a hit single instantly turned Beenie's career around. Now working with all the island's top producers, the DJ recorded a slew of songs, many of them religiously themed, including "Praise Him" and "World Dance" (which took the Best Single Award at the Jamaican Music Awards). The hits-heavy Defend It and Dis Unu Fi Hear were both released in 1994 and combined more culturally themed raps with a hardcore dancehall sound. Many of these singles, bar the Taxi releases, were rounded up on Gold by the British Charm label. Beenie's stardom was confirmed by his taking the DJ of the Year Award that same year. Signing to Island Records, Beenie released the seminal Blessed album, which featured another clutch of hits, including the dancehall smash "Slam."

While in the U.K., the DJ fired up the British dancefloors with a jungle remix of "Under Mi Sensi." The year 1995 also brought a pair of collaborative albums, including Three Against War, which united the DJ with Dennis Brown and Triston Palma, and Mad Cobra Meets Lt. Stitchie & Beenie Man, a tag-team dancehall affair. Joined by Lady Saw, Beenie also scored a major hit with "Healer" that year, just one of many successful collaborative singles that included "Papa Was a Rolling Stone," which paired him with Third World. By the end of the year, Beenie was a shoo-in for the DJ of the Year Award. Maestro, Beenie's first "real" album (as compared to his previous hits collections), arrived in 1996. Produced by Patrick Roberts, it was a stunning effort featuring a kaleidoscope of moods.

The following year proved to be his breakout in Britain, when his and Chevelle Franklin's "Dance Hall Queen" bounced up the national chart. Both that single and its follow-up, "Who Am I," were number ones back at home, while the latter rocketed its way into the U.K. Top Ten and the Billboard Top 50. In fact, Beenie Man could now do no wrong, and a sound system's worth of his singles flew their way up the Jamaican chart that year and the next. The autobiographical Many Moods of Moses featured a number of these smashes, including "Oysters & Conch" and "Foundation."

After headlining Reggae Sunsplash in 1998, Beenie signed to Virgin Records in the U.S.; The Doctor was the first fruit of this new union and was an instant dancehall classic. Released in 1999, the King Jammy-produced Y2K took on a host of issues from AIDS to illiteracy. Beenie was unstoppable, whether on his own or with other artists, and at times the Jamaican chart seemed to be the DJ's private preserve. "Hot Bwoy" with Buccaneer, "Mi Nu Walla," "Forget You," "Ruff Like We" with Redrose, "100 Dollar Bag," "So Nice" with Silvercat, "In This Together," "Skettel Tune" with Angel Doolas, and "L.O.Y." were just a sampling of the singles the DJ released between 1999 and 2000.

The Art & Life album, released in the new century, showcased the DJ at his most eclectic and included guests Arturo Sandoval and Wyclef Jean of Fugees fame. The following year, Beenie reunited with Jean behind the mixing board to produce the debut album by actor Steven Seagal. Janet Jackson, the Neptunes, Lady Saw, and Lil' Kim all turned up as guests on 2002's Tropical Storm, the Beenie Man album with the most crossover appeal. Released in 2004, Back to Basics was just that, a straight-up return to dancehall. The hit-collecting compilation From Kingston to King of the Dancehall appeared in early 2005, while Concept of Life and Undisputed, which featured production work from Scott Storch and Don Corleon, among others, were released the next year.

Beenie co-wrote and starred in the film Kingston in 2008 and continued to release singles like "Drinking Rum and Red Bull" (2010), "Let's Go" (2011), "Wine Gal" (2012), and "Thug Love" (2013). In 2015, he lent his talents to tracks by Teddybears ("Broken Heartbeat") and Rihanna ("B**ch Better Have My Money"). He returned in 2016 with Unstoppable, his first LP in a decade. The effort featured appearances by Akon and Bounty Killer, as well as production by Major Lazer. ~ Jo-Ann Greene
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Monsters Of Dancehall

1. World Dance

2. Big Up And Trust

3. Defend Apache

4. Mobster

5. Press Button

6. Ban Mi Fi Di Truth

7. Blackboard

8. Who Am I

9. Let Him Go

10. Tell Me

11. Yaw Yaw

12. Gwaan So

13. Always Be My Baby

14. Year 4

15. Battery Dolly

16. 100 Dollar Bag

17. L.O.Y.

18. More Prayer


Track List: Kingston To King Of The Dancehall: A Collection Of Dancehall Favorites

Disc 1

1. Who Am I

2. Girls Dem Sugar

3. Romie

4. Ole Dawg

5. Slam

6. Foundation

7. Nuff Gal

8. Bookshelf

9. Girls Dem Sugar

10. Love Me Now

11. Miss L.A.P.

12. Bossman

13. Dude

14. King Of The Dancehall

15. Row Like A Boat

Disc 2

Track List: Back To Basics

1. Dude

2. King Of The Dancehall

3. Love All Girls

4. Dr. Know (feat. Jimmy Cheeztrix)

5. Grindacologist (feat. Kymberli)

6. Get On Bad

7. Good Woe

8. Doctor Mi Rate Yu (feat. Ms. Thing)

9. Set Away

10. Eloh

11. All Girls Party

12. Pu**y Language

13. D-D Or G-O (feat. Ghost)

14. If A Neva God (feat. Kirk Davis)

15. Back Against The Wall


Track List: Tropical Storm

1. Party Hard

2. Feel It Boy (feat. Janet

3. Bad Girl

4. Real Gangsta (feat. J1)

5. Fresh From Yard (feat. Lil' Kim)

6. Miss L.A.P.

7. Street Life

8. Gangsta Life

9. Pure Pretty Gal

10. Bossman (feat. Lady Saw, Sean Paul)

11. Yagga Yo (feat. So Solid Crew)

12. More We Want (feat. Tanto Metro, Devonte)

13. You Babe


Track List: Best Of Beenie Man

1. Bookshelf

2. Let Him Go

3. Tell Me

4. Who Am I

5. Oyster & Conch

6. Foundation

7. Dancehall Queen

8. Silent Violence

9. Blackboard

10. Romie

11. Nuff Gal

13. Girls Dem Sugar

14. Old Dog

16. World Dance

17. Modelling

18. Slam

19. Murderer

20. Certain Gal


Track List: The Doctor

1. Gospel Time

2. Let Him Go

3. The Doctor

4. Better Learn

5. Pride And Joy (Feat. Jon B)

6. Bad Man Nuh Flee (Feat. Mr. Vegas)

7. Bookshelf

8. One More Time (Feat. Little Kirk)

9. World Gone Mad

10. Kingston Hot

11. Tell Me (Feat. Angie Martinez)

12. Battery Dolly

13. Some Gal

14. Protect Me


Track List: Many Moods Of Moses

1. Foundation (Feat. The Taxi Gang)

2. Who Am I

3. Monster Look

4. Ain't Gonna Figure It Yet

5. Woman A Sample (Feat. Buju Banton)

6. Heaven On Earth (Feat. A.R.P.)

7. Oyster & Conch

8. So Hot (Feat. Lady Saw)

9. Have You Ever (Feat. Little Kirk)

10. Got To Be There

11. Bad Mind

12. Steve Biko

13. Long Road

14. Sincerely

15. Miss You (Feat. A.R.P.)

16. Bad Mind Is Active (My Prerogative)


Track List: Hold Unuh Own (Single)

1. Hold Unuh Own


Track List: I'm Drinking / Rum & Red Bull (Single)


Track List: In Grand Fashion

1. Stamina Lover

2. Stick To Your Lover

3. Don't Abuse It

4. DJ Bad Man

5. Brain Wash

6. Gal Yu Ever Ready?

7. Throw Off Pon Girl

8. Weeping And Moaning

9. Crucifixion

10. Miss Nadine

11. Madeleine A Gwan

12. Got To Make A Living

13. Be My Lady

14. In Grand Fashion


Track List: Mad Move (Single)

1. Mad Move (Feat. Taz)


Track List: Summer Is Here

2. Summer Is Here (Jam House Mix)


Track List: Undisputed (Explicit)

1. Undisputed

2. Chaka Dance

3. Hmm Hmm

6. Jamaican Ting

7. Beenie Man

8. Come Again

10. Heart Attack

11. Walk Out

13. Set You Free

14. My Woman


Track List: Unstoppable

1. Having Fun

2. Yardie

5. Love University

7. All Eyes

8. Play

9. Stuck On You (Feat. Verse Simmonds)

10. Me And You (Feat. Christopher Martin)

11. Come To Me

12. Blue Light (Feat. Bounty Killer)

14. Mash It Up (Feat. Rory Stonelove)

15. Bun It Up (Feat. Yellow Claw)

16. Dancing Mood (Feat. Tarrus Riley)

17. Hold Me In Your Arms

18. Ready To Party (Feat. Mario C.)

19. People All Around The World

20. Real Youth

21. Unstoppable (Feat. Akon)


Track List: Yardie (Single)

1. Yardie


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I only like one song of his && it's fye ��
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Keepit going.......
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Benie man your hot trose
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Memories. Wow.
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Dude, this is my fave thro bak, always pumps me up!!!xoxo beenie
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Can always listen his old hits instead of nowadays bullshit music
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I Like Some Of Music but He's A pretty Good Artist.
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Never liked Beenie Man. Especially when he claimed Buju is his friend and he was so judgmental towards Buju in his court case. With friends like him! No one needs enemies.
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Where do these people get their information from?? Kirk was beenie's friend they're not brothers and beanie man never had no hit song and never had the feud with killa before he was booed at the concert for Mandela
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Been listening too this man fi Year's now.. I'm ����belizean
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Love this man...
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Beenie Man talent just spills out of the man pores!!!!! LoVe HiM
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RUDEBWOY LUVIN WIT A LITTLE ROMANCE... Yezzz Beenie you killed the track... much love n respect 4rm OK,USA...
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I luv this song
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Love every Reggae Rastafarian none stop Dream,Eat,Sl e e p for life...
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Raga muffing!
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My Artist then and still...stan d pipe you hear mi
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king1playmat e
Bernie Man got a sick flow with this track, while still rocking the "Dude" beat with faster hook.
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Bernie man,I want a new music.
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One of JAMAICA BIGGEST Dancehall Artist of all time!!
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I love all your songs
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Ah sey won!! Beenie Man get you moving!! Love it!!
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Tek a one slam and tell har fi gwaan
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tune tun up althrough mi nuh like beenie man
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alexannchris t i e
Dat a mi song when mi a go dance
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Can't go wrong with beenie man songs
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awesome mon thats what Jamaican people drinking!!!! ! !
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Mi love hi song
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Rum & Red - o u t flow!!!!!!!!
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Sim simma! Beenie is the HARDEST man in the dancehall scene! Period! Nuff said!
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Roughest toughest bad mon from outta JA
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Back it up. Dutty whine, whine it up then drop it low.
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Dat was up. Track pushing
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Love this 1 ,good dancing song :)
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Like y
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So NYC!!! BX!!
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Bernie Man "Summer time " I love this one,"
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Can't go wrong with Bennie Man.
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