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Sissy's Song

Features of This Track

country roots
a subtle use of vocal harmony
extensive vamping
acoustic sonority
major key tonality
a good dose of acoustic guitar pickin'
acoustic rhythm guitars

These are just a few of the hundreds of attributes cataloged for this track by the Music Genome Project.

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This song is for lesa lee
My grandma they called her sissy, she past away very young. This is her song.
but i couldnt be mad at him i was just hurt
it reminds me of my mom too she died 8 days befor my daughter was born and i was mad at god for taking her from me it was her first grandbaby! this is miguels wife
i lost my great grandmother 5 yrs ago and we played this song at her funeral and it just hit me real hard today hearing it cuz today would be her 70th birthday!!! I LOVE YOU NANNY!!!
i lost my daddy in 07, i miss him as much today as i did the day it happend. i know the song talks about a girl but it works both ways. im still mad at lost.
Lost my sister in July 2010. She was young and her death unexplained. Her heart simply stopped beating. This song..... Sigh
I had a long time friend that died last year to cancer and her son sang to this song at her funeral...
I lost my wife in July 2010 from pancreas cancer. While she wasn't young, she wasn't old enough to die either. This song speaks volumes to me. I hadn't ever heard it before today but wow, the God reference describes me perfectly. I don't worry about my wife in heaven and know she wouldn't want to come back here now but I miss her so much. I'm moving on but would give anything to go back to way it was before however it's out of my control. I love you darling.
I lost my mother April 30th of 09 and 20 days later my second (oldest) brother was found dead of a GSW in her home. I wanted to play this song for her but my oldest brother tried to keep me from her memorial so I didn't get a chance. It would of been perfect. Had my youngest brother still been alive I would of been able to but he to took his life when I was 19y/o in our front yard. I pray that it is not heredity. Guess not I'm still here. Sometimes I don't know how. I have lost my father to in '
jamesmeyerss r
mommas gone
Amen! This is indeed a touching song of wonderful sentiment. It speaks volumes to Alan in that he chose to honor the life cut short of someone who worked for him.
I too think of my mother who lost her fight with cancer in the spring of 2003 when I hear this song. Having been diagnosed with cancer just four years after losing my mother, I like to think that I will find her waiting for me.
God Bless you all!
I lost my mom to a sudden heart attack Sept. 21 2009. She was 3 months to the day shy of turning 51. She was my life and miss her so bad. I cry my heart out to this song still to this day, but its a reminder of her, where she is, and what she would be saying to me today. Thanks for the beautiful song Alan
My oldest daughter, Jessica, died from an asthma attack Jan.20,2009. She left behind a 3yr old liitle girl and a 8mo old little girl. I will morn for her and for hergirls for the rest of my life.
I lost my older sister a year and a half ago and I have dedicated this song to her. It is so perfect for her.
I lost my baby sister she committed suicide, this is the most touching song ever.
This is Amber, from California. I don't have a Pandora Internet Radio account as of yet but my email is mistykalgurl 1 @ g m a i l . c o m . I also have a myspace under greeneyes248 8 . I too also love this song due to loss of many loved ones in my family! I'am 25yrs old and I lost my Auntie on Christmas morning, Dec. 25, 2008. She was my mothers sister, and it wasn't even a month later till I lost her too, on Jan. 23, 2009!
We lost Mom on 12 March 2004. What a fighter she was! Thank you, Alan for such a fitting song!
I love this song....I lost my Aunt Vickie on August 3,2009 and I dedicate this song to her.......
i love this song. I am 17 and just lost my mom to Cancer... she would most definately be saying "dont worry bout me"
I love this song, I lost my mother in 2004 and my uncle heard this song for the first time when he was driving and he started crying very hard and had to pull off the road to let out the tears and listen to the song that reminded each one of us of my dearly beloved mother this song is amazing and very happy that alan jackson was the one to sing it, dont think i would like ne one else singing it
Does anyone have the full version of sissy's song
My mother loved Alan's music. We lost her to heaven on August 4, 2009, this was the song that me and my brothers had played at her service. I am able to vision my mother, preparing the path for us as she did in this life.
I love this song it is my favorite song! Every thime I think of it it reminds me of my best friend who died in a car crash who was only 11 and every time I think of this song it makes me cry because he was such a great friend to everyone and he was always so happy!
this is my favorite song, i lost my daughter, my first child when she was only 36 days old. this song reminds me of her everyday.
it is such a great song, so much meaning that can relate to life.
This is such a pretty song. It is comforting in times of sorrow.
i lost my best friend,Madis o n , M a r c h 30th.She was 12 years old and died in a head on car crash. They played this at her funeral and it matched her personallity perfectly so every time i hear this song i cry. it is very hard for my because i am 13.
sissys song has lifted me up I lost my Grandduughte r of two months my first ,I was heartbroken till my good friend told me about this song,You are an amazing man and artist continue doing what you do .You are truly blessed.My whole family thanks you for this song.
Raideralonzo @ y a h o o . c o m
i love this song we lost our daughter as a still born in October 2008 and this song just hits home. We name her Angel Star and then i heard this song, the first time it made me cry -- Thanks for being a wonderful song writer and singer. This song has captured my heart along with our friends and families also.
i love this song
beverlymadde n
i really love this has a special meaning to me. it reminds me of my sisterinlaw that died very young. the first time i heard this song i cried.i really love this song. my sister in law was burned in a house fire my brother and his oldest son were there but they could not get in the house to find her my brother tried several times but was over come by smoke she had two young son neither of theme were very old they had a hard time with this because they never had was a closed c
My mom passed on my son's birthday November 11, 2006. She had not been sick. It was very hard for all of us especially my son and I who witnessed her death. This song makes me cry every time I hear it. It is such a soothing cry though. The tears fall but the memories run through my mind of what a special person she was. Thanks to Alan Jackson for all of his wonderful music. We played his Prescious Moments CD at her funeral services and burial. That CD still has a way of getting me throug
very touching song for those of us who have lost someone very close to us
Alan...Thank you so much for this wonderful song. I lost my son five years ago on Christmas Eve to cancer. He was only 23. He wanted me not to morn and I promised him I would not because I knew he was going to a wonderful place. I thank you for putting into words what I had meant to say to him. The angels would take him to heaven and he would see his PaPa and Grandma again and meet his other grandfather for the first time. He would now walk throughout Heaven with his Heavenly Father. I mi
A very good friend was beaten to death by her husband a year ago today. This song makes me cry everytime I hear it, but it also comforts me. I know she is in heaven looking down on her family and friends and she doesn't want us to be sad for her. She is in a much better place and I thank God for that everyday. We love you April!
I just lost my sister almost 3 weeks ago she was my best friend and this is a beautiful song. It's hard to listen to right now. All I can do right now is put one foot in front of the other every day
I just lost my sister Joanne (my best friend) & my mother-in-la w Barbara this past week...and this is a MOST AWESOME song! They're both walking with Jesus now....and someday, we will too.
my friends and I lost a dear friend this week and this song reminds us of her,we love you Danita
what a beautiful song .im sorry for your loss
i love this song
this is a wonderful song for every young woman that we lose to early
My mom died after a 3 month battle with ovarian cancer. My brother turned on the radio after leaving her deathbed on his way home and this song was playing. We know she went straight to heaven and this was her way of saying she's alright. We played this song at moms wake and funeral before Mass. It will always be a part of her 13 children, 23 grandchildre n and 30 great grandchildre n . It's now "our song". Thank you!
My grandmother passed away from breast cancer the same week this song came out! My grandmother was still very young and this song fits the situation my family was in perfectly. I love this song and Mimi you will always be in my heart!
It is beautiful i lov it! Thank u alan u comfort me for i lost mi grandfathers before i could c them again and mi father had an anerisum and mi godfather is in the hospital so THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! !
artesanos.bk n
First time I heard this song. I cry so much, It remaind me of when I lost my mother when I was 12 years old. It mede me really think of Her. LOVE IT> I want to hear it all day, and learn it.
My Niece past away this week...her mother heard this song and couldn't believe her ears. She's going to play it at her funeral tomorrow. Her 2 siblings (younger) called her sissy...Mira n d a , we love you and miss you very much!!!
I love this song! My nick name is sissy and I enjoy listening to it! When my lil brother first heard this song he began to cray and from that day on he kalled my sissy!
2/27/09 I lost My baby sister 2 years ago Feb 5 after a 22 year fight with cancer and this song sounds like it was written for her and has helped me cope.
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