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With their brutal, simple riffs and aggressive, fast tempos, Accept were one of the top metal bands of the early '80s, and a major influence on the development of thrash. Led by the unique vocal stylings of screeching banshee Udo Dirkschneider, the band forged an instantly recognizable sound and was notorious as one of the decade's fiercest live acts. Despite recording two of the best heavy metal albums of the decade in Restless & Wild and Balls to the Wall, Accept remained too heavy and extreme for American audiences to embrace -- even when they tried to tone down their act with more melodic songs. Ultimately having conquered the rest of the world, but with their career stalled in the U.S., Accept fell apart, but reunited years later to confront a radically changed music marketplace.

Vocalist Udo Dirkschneider formed Accept in his hometown of Solingen, Germany, in the early '70s, but it wasn't until quite a few years later that the band settled on a somewhat stable lineup, including guitarists Wolf Hoffman and Gerhard Wahl, bassist Peter Baltes, and drummer Frank Friedrich. A well-received performance at the Rock Am Rhein Festival in 1976 brought them national attention, and they finally obtained a recording contract after replacing Wahl with guitarist Jörg Fischer two years later. Issued in 1979, their eponymous debut was badly produced, featured mostly subpar songwriting, and did absolutely nothing for the group. But with the arrival of new drummer Stefan Kaufmann prior to 1980's much-improved I'm a Rebel, Accept had the final ingredient they were looking for, and their popularity began growing by leaps and bounds.

Released in 1981, the even more accomplished Breaker was engineered by Michael Wagener (who would go on to produce such major hard rock acts as Mötley Crüe, Alice Cooper, and Ozzy Osbourne, among others) and continued to develop Accept's trademark sound, featuring the massive crunch and tight precision of Hoffman and Fischer's guitars laying the foundation for Dirkschneider's inimitable shriek -- akin to Bon Scott on helium. They also signed a worldwide deal with CBS Records subsidiary Portrait, and secured professional management from Gaby Hauke, who, under the Deaffy pseudonym, would help the bandmembers write most of their English lyrics from that point forward. Despite Fischer's sudden departure after a successful European tour supporting Judas Priest, the band was poised to conquer Europe with its powerful Teutonic heavy metal.

All the elements were falling into place, and with the release of 1982's Restless & Wild, Accept finally stamped their passports to stardom. A heavy metal milestone, the album broke the band's career wide open, established its signature sound for years to come, and in the incredible "Fast as a Shark," featured what was possibly the first true thrash metal song ever recorded. Guitarist Hermann Frank was brought in for the ensuing tour, which, thanks to their ferocious live shows (including choreographed headbanging stage antics), turned Accept into true stars all across Europe and the U.K. Released in 1983, the equally revered Balls to the Wall was an even greater commercial triumph, and qualified as one of the most obsessive, sexually explicit albums of all time. Led by the controversial title track, it broke Accept worldwide and earned them their first magazine headlines in America. Fischer was invited back into the fold at this time, and Accept embarked on a year-long world tour that took them as far as Japan and culminated in a triumphant appearance at the 1984 Castle Donington Monster of Rock Festival.

With America now looming in their sights, Accept decided to hire producer Dieter Dierks (of Scorpions fame) to give 1985's Metal Heart a more commercial edge and an extra sense of melody. Also with U.S. audiences in mind, they abandoned the hedonistic fetishes of releases past in favor of a much lighter sexual tone and typical heavy metal subject matter, like the title track's apocalyptic vision. The results were mixed, for while the album certainly helped to further their cause in the States -- where they embarked upon a very successful tour sharing a double bill with Swiss hard rockers Krokus -- but it tarnished their reputation among some of their loyal following back home. A live EP recorded in Japan entitled Kaizoku-Ban kicked off the new year, as the band prepared to begin work on its seventh album, Russian Roulette, again with Michael Wagener at the controls. A somewhat rushed, half-hearted attempt to backtrack into more aggressive metal territory, the album led to a serious splintering within the group, and after headlining a sold-out European tour with Dokken in support, Accept announced that they were taking an open-ended break so that Dirkschneider could record a solo project.

Simply called U.D.O., the singer's first album, Animal House, was actually written and performed by his former bandmates. But when U.D.O. released a second album, Mean Machine, in 1988, backed by a new band, the remaining members of Accept (Fischer had left once again) began trying out new vocalists, eventually settling on American David Reece for 1989's Eat the Heat. A lightweight metal album, it bore little resemblance to classic Accept, and the band's subsequent U.S. tour (with second guitarist Jim Stacy) was first interrupted when Kaufmann suffered a back injury (he was replaced by House of Lords' Ken Mary), then cut short due to poor ticket sales and increasing personality differences with Reece. The group eventually disbanded and, except for the release of 1990's Staying a Life (a live album featuring the original lineup in its prime), nothing was heard of Accept for the next three years.

To everyone's surprise, Dirkschneider, Hoffman, Baltes, and Kaufmann eventually reconvened in 1992 to record Objection Overruled, which fared relatively well in Europe but didn't even dent the alternative rock-dominated U.S. market. The band continued to tour Europe and recorded sporadically over the next few years, releasing Death Row in 1994 and Predator (featuring Damn Yankees drummer Michael Cartellone) in 1996. Their world tour included swings through North and South America and concluded with a number of sold-out engagements in Japan, after which Accept officially called it a day until, 14 years later, they came out of retirement (with new vocalist Mark Tornillo) to release their 12th studio album, Blood of Nations, in 2010. Stalingrad: Brothers in Death followed two years later, and the band's 14th album, Blind Rage, arrived in 2014. 2017's concert album/video Restless & Live featured highlights from the group's 2015 European tour in support of Blind Rage. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Restless & Live

1. Stampede (Live In St. Petersburg 2015)

2. Stalingrad (Live In St. Petersburg 2015)

3. Hellfire (Live In Saarbrücken 2015)

4. London Leatherboys (Live In Moscow 2015)

5. Living For Tonite (Live In Saarbrücken 2015)

6. 200 Years (Live In Pratteln 2015)

7. Demon's Night (Live In Hannover 2015)

8. Dying Breed (Live In Saarbrücken 2015)

9. Final Journey (Live In Moscow 2015)

10. From The Ashes We Rise (Live In Hannover 2015)

11. Losers And Winners (Live In Berlin 2015)

12. No Shelter (Live In Minsk 2015)

13. Shadow Soldiers (Live In Grenoble 2015)

14. Midnight Mover (Live In Sofia 2015)

15. Starlight (Live In Yekaterinburg 2015)

16. Restless And Wild (Live In Moscow 2015)

17. Son Of A B**ch (Live In Saarbrücken 2015)

18. Pandemic (Live In Saarbrücken 2015)

19. Dark Side Of My Heart (Live In Yekaterinburg 2015)

20. The Curse (Live In Krakow 2015)

21. Flash Rocking Man (Live In Saarbrücken 2015)

22. Bulletproof (Live In Saarbrücken 2015)

23. Fall Of The Empire (Live In Saarbrücken 2015)

24. Fast As A Shark (Live In Moscow 2015)

25. Metal Heart (Live In St. Petersburg 2015)

26. Teutonic Terror (Live In St. Petersburg 2015)

27. Balls To The Wall (Live In St. Petersburg 2015)


Track List: Restless And Wild (Live) (Single)

1. Restless And Wild (Live In Moscow 2015)

2. Stampede (Live In St. Petersburg 2015)


Track List: Predator

1. Hard Attack

2. Crossroads

3. Making Me Scream

4. Diggin' In The Dirt

5. Lay It Down

6. It Ain't Over Yet

7. Predator

8. Crucified

9. Take Out The Time

10. Don't Give A Damn

11. Run Through The Night

12. Primitive


Track List: Death Row

1. Death Row

2. Sodom & Gomorra

3. The Beast Inside

4. Dead On!

5. Guns 'R' Us

6. Like A Loaded Gun

7. What Else

8. Stone Evil

9. Bad Habits Die Hard

10. Prejudice

11. Bad Religion

12. Generation Clash II

13. Writing On The Wall

14. Drifting Apart (Instrumental)

15. Pomp And Circumstance (Instrumental)


Track List: Accept All Areas - Worldwide

1. Starlight


Track List: Objection Overruled

1. Objection Overruled

2. I Don't Wanna Be Like You

3. Protectors Of Terror

4. Slaves To Metal

5. All Or Nothing

6. Bulletproof

7. Amamos La Vida

8. Sick, Dirty And Mean

9. Donation

10. Just By My Own

11. This One's For You


Track List: Blind Rage

1. Stampede

2. Dying Breed

3. Dark Side Of My Heart

4. Fall Of The Empire

5. Trail Of Tears

6. Wanna Be Free

7. 200 Years

8. Bloodbath Mastermind

9. From The Ashes We Rise

10. The Curse

11. Final Journey


Track List: Stampede (Single)

1. Stampede


Track List: Stalingrad

1. Hung, Drawn And Quartered

2. Stalingrad

3. Hellfire

4. Flash To Bang Time

5. Shadow Soldiers

6. Revolution

7. Against The World

8. Twist Of Fate

9. The Quick And The Dead

10. Never Forget

11. The Galley


Track List: Blood Of The Nations (Bonus Version)

1. Beat The B**tards

2. Teutonic Terror

3. The Abyss

4. Blood Of The Nations

5. Shades Of Death

6. Locked And Loaded

7. Time Machine (Bonus Track)

8. Kill The Pain

9. Rollin' Thunder

10. Pandemic

11. New World Comin'

12. No Shelter

13. Bucketful Of Hate


Track List: MOBIUS

















Track List: Staying A Life

Disc 1

1. Metal Heart

2. Breaker

3. Screaming For A Love-Bite

4. Up To The Limit

5. Living For Tonight

6. Princess Of The Dawn

7. Neon Nights

8. Burning

Disc 2

1. Head Over Heels

2. Guitar Solo Wolf

3. Restless And Wild

4. Son Of A B**ch

5. London Leatherboys

6. Love Child

7. Flash Rockin' Man

8. Dogs On Leads

9. Fast As A Shark

10. Balls To The Wall


Track List: Eat The Heat

1. X-T-C

2. Prisoner

3. Love Sensation

4. Chain Reaction

5. D-Train

6. Generation Clash

7. Turn The Wheel

8. Mistreated

9. Stand 4 What U R

10. Hellhammer

11. Break The Ice


Track List: Russian Roulette

1. T.V. War

2. Monsterman

3. Russian Roulette

4. It's Hard To Find A Way

5. Aiming High

6. Heaven Is Hell

7. Another Second To Be

8. Walking In The Shadow

9. Man Enough To Cry

10. Stand Tight


Track List: Metal Heart

1. Metal Heart

2. Midnight Mover

3. Up To The Limit

4. Wrong Is Right

5. Screaming For A Love-Bite

6. Too High To Get It Right

7. Dogs On Leads

8. Teach Us To Survive

9. Living For Tonite

10. Bound To Fail


Track List: Balls To The Wall 2001 Remaster

1. Balls To The Wall

2. London Leatherboys

3. Fight It Back

4. Head Over Heels

5. Losing More Than You've Ever Had

6. Love Child

7. Turn Me On

8. Losers And Winners

9. Guardian Of The Night

10. Winter Dreams

11. Head Over Heels (Live)

12. Love Child (Live)


Track List: Restless And Wild (2000 Remaster)

1. Fast As A Shark

2. Restless And Wild

3. Ahead Of The Pack

4. Shake Your Heads

5. Neon Nights

6. Get Ready

8. Flash Rockin' Man

9. Don't Go Stealing My Soul Away

10. Princess Of The Dawn


Track List: Breaker (SuPer Value Re-Issue)

1. Starlight

3. Run If You Can

4. Can't Stand The Night

6. Burning

7. Feelings

8. Midnight Highway

9. Breaking Up Away

10. Down And Out


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ACCEPT, METAL HEART, ROCK, DOGS ON LEADS, BALLS TO THE WALL, SCREAMING FOR A LOVEBITE, THE QUICK & THE DEAD, LOSERS & WINNERS, WRONG IS RIGHT, TOO HIGH TO GET IT RIGHT, DOMINATOR, UP TO THE LIMIT...ETC. . . L i s t e n e d to them in high school, mid 1980's, with all the other disfortunate students, also...ANTHR A X , METALLICA, JUDAS PRIEST, JUGGERNAUT, S.O .D.(Stormtro o p e r s Of Death),D.R.I . (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles), SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, OZZY, RATT, VAN HALEN, SLAYER, DIO, LAWRENCE WELK, ETC..."Music a l
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justinjenny4 9 5
Report as inappropriate
Should've been Trumps' campaign song (Balls To The Wall)!!
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Got to see Udo's 2017 tour at the Token in Detroit great concert from what I was told his best ever and my first. I was very impressed, 2 hours of heavy metal Non-Stop. Rock on Udo
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It's a classic, & such an awesome Jam from this band, Accept. From there live album, Dogs on leads totally is an awesomely rockin jam. & it's Accept at their finest! & even from this live version this song Totally rocks a**! & so does Accept, an awesome German band, that I met years ago in 1989. Such a totally awesome kick a** Rockin Band! Rock on!
Report as inappropriate
Such a classic from this awesome German band, Accept. I started listening to them in the early eighties . And this Jam was always one of my favorites. Princess of the Dawn, it totally kicks a**! It's classic by accept & what a kick-a** awesome Rockin Jam it is! I seen except twice live, the last time it was with W.A.S.P. & Metal Church. & these three awesome rock bands kicked a**! Such a rocking metal concert, totally awesome show! Accept rocks people, they just kick serious a**! And so is thi
Report as inappropriate
Udo dirkschneide r in the boys man what can you say about this band live there a menace I mean they just flat kick your a** and hand it to you such a great band and it's a bummer that it was no longer with the band I mean the new band it's not bad but Mr Dirk Snyder made the band. Him and wolf together we're dynamic a great guitar player and a great vocalist and the rest of the band made them better accept truly one of the best hard metal acts I've ever heard peace
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
This kicks a**! German metal at its finest, by Germany's own Accept. Balls to the walls, it totally rocks! @ such an awesome album, which I bought in the early eighties. I met Accept in 1989, they were opening for, W.A.S.P. @ Metal Church. It was a phenomenal kick a** Metal Show! Accept totally rocks balls! Awesome Band! Rock on!
Report as inappropriate
I remember the first time I heard Accept. I was visiting Montreal and was staying at my brother's girlfriend's place. She had a son a couple years older than me and I was bunked in his room since he was out of town. I saw Restless and Wild on his turntable and the first thing I heard was Fast As A Shark....DAM N ! Every time I am in Solingen, Germany I get a smile on my face thinking about how great Accept's version of heavy metal was.
Report as inappropriate
saw em open for Iron Maiden....I hate to say it, but i liked Accept much better. Maiden paled in comparison to the raw energy this band threw at you. Just one persons opinion
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Report as inappropriate
I hated this album when it came out, now in reflection it really is as good as the rest of the Accept canon, although Screaming for a Love-Bite is possibly the worst song of all time
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You know home is really overrated sometimes come and visit the States. I hear medford Oregon is really nice this time of year...anw thay hsve a new amphitheater that's ah ,, cool yah cool that's it its really close to the gorge at George..Wash i n g t o n that is . none of that DC ,bull s**t here .,f*g's fucken bundles of sticks. We thay have a ton of of those. But "its all good ectcept the bad s**t.." abd you can quote some one for that hopefully you grasp the concept of what im askin
Report as inappropriate
Fast as a shark....neo n nights....I burned thru 2 cassettes cuz I listened to that tape so much....hell yeah
Report as inappropriate
Simple riffs? Idk who writes this stuff, but they're f**king idiots who have never picked up a guitar in there critical little lives. As far as Udo being offered the Job with AC/DC..... Never happened. They auditioned no one, Brian Johnson (their roadie) stepped right in. Plus, a proud all Aussie band would never recruit a krout to sing for them....... they suck anyway. O.K., that's enough venom for now.
Report as inappropriate
Udo was offered the opportunity to join AC/DC after Bon Scott passed away. He declined. He said AC/DC would never be as big as Accept. He was WAY off on that call....
Report as inappropriate
Had accept radio for a month still haven't heard balls to the wall, what's up with that.
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a boy named Sue is song by Johnny Cash
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\ ^ ^ | ⚡️ ❤️ ⚡️ | ^ ^ /
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If I didn't know this picture was Rock star related, I'd think this was gay , ok, it's for thuh ladies ... PRINCESS OF THE DAWN BY THIS BAND IS AWESOME
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Music lovers forever I like the horses you have there! Also like your profile picture pretty hot! This is aces rocks243 I love all types of music too country rock rhythm and blues Soul even gospel noticed you didn't put that on yours, but anyway accept right now playing, love child! Now that could be fun, what do you think? Rock on!
Report as inappropriate
Please turn me on, turn me on I explode! Yeah!! Balls to the walls man, kick a** album by accept. I bought it when it first came out. Accept rocks a**! My second favorite band from Germany accept. Rock on!
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Report as inappropriate
This band bites. Thumbs down losers
Report as inappropriate
This album by accept my brother got when it came out accept rocks a**! The whole album rocks balls!! Rock on!
Report as inappropriate
Seriously. Brian Johnson is out of AC/DC. They should get this guy as his replacement. He's like a cross between Brian Johnson and Bon Scott.
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Report as inappropriate
Are u ready?????
Report as inappropriate
Mfijut0 is fucktard!bah a a a a a a a a
Report as inappropriate
Mfijut0 is nothing but fruitcake u don't scare me don't have the balls! !give me your a dress fruit .go back to your cave b** ain't about shi!!
Report as inappropriate
Hell f**kin yes!!!
Report as inappropriate
Love child rocks!
Report as inappropriate
Happy birthday wolf!!
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Metal Heart,, bad a** jam.. Luv Accept, ppl say I've got a Metal Heart,,, so true. ROCK ON EVERYONE
Report as inappropriate
Don't tone it down rock on
Report as inappropriate
Don't Go Stealing My Soul Away,,, F**kin-A luv Accept. Blind Rage cd that came out last yr kicks a**. This one's 4 u KK my friend, from the Ballcrusher. Lmao. ROCK ON EVERYONE
Report as inappropriate
Snow on the mountain .
Report as inappropriate
Always loosing for so long!accept just kick azzz! !
Report as inappropriate
Balls To The Wall, a true masterpiece, , one of Accepts best albums. There cd that came out last year Blind Rage is awesome. ROCK ON EVERYONE and btw thxs kk my friend
Report as inappropriate
Get him kk he's a piece of s**t. He's def f**kin with the wrong chic. Balls To The Wall, luv Accept, ,, seen em lots of times great concert. ROCK ON EVERYONE and Happy 4th, btw thxs kk my friend
Report as inappropriate
Ohh what a night.
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What fruit cake why don't you stick that bullet up your a** .and fight like areal man b**ch name the place I'm all over I would love to kick your a** bring punk a** b**ch.
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Awww mfijut0 is nothing but a p**sy he went private.ia knew no f**kin ball can't handle it like a real man.i knew your a fake a** motherf**ker ! ! !
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Hey f**k you f**kin mfijut0!!you f**kin fruitiiiii! !!!
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Btw thxs Your Mom cause that's exactly wat he probably does ,..
Report as inappropriate
Flash Rockin' Man killer tune.. luv Accept. It's a f**kin shame when ur jamming 2 good music u have 2 read some f**kin dicks comments that knows nothing about wtf he's talking about. Dude ur opinion don't mean s**t on here. ROCK ON EVERYONE
Report as inappropriate
Wtf r u mfijuto u f**kin prick. U r a real piece of work man. U seriously r f**kin with the wrong chic and that's a f**kin fact. So take ur private a** comments an stick em up ur a** .. cause this b**ch does work an knows her s**t when it comes 2 music. So u need 2 get a life ur the type that needs attention anyway u can get it.
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Hey mommy I got a bullet with your name on it!
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