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Aaron Tippin

Aaron Tippin was part of the commercial explosion of new traditionalist country in the early '90s, making his name with a mixture of macho, rowdy honky tonkers, sentimental ballads, and patriotic working-man's anthems. Tippin was born in Pensacola, Florida, in 1958 and grew up mostly on a family farm near Greer, South Carolina, where he first started singing to pass the time while doing chores. He started playing guitar at age ten but also inherited a love of flying from his father, who'd worked as a pilot prior to becoming a farmer. Tippin himself earned his pilot's license at 15 and began flying professionally before the age of 20. He was studying to become a commercial airline pilot when the industry took a major downturn, which convinced him to return to music. He played the local honky tonk circuit and worked on his songwriting while holding a series of blue-collar day jobs. Unfortunately, his marriage broke up, and with nothing to lose, he finally moved to Nashville in 1986. He landed a job as a staff songwriter at the legendary Acuff-Rose firm, where his compositions were recorded by the likes of Charley Pride, Mark Collie, and David Ball, among others. In 1990, his demo tape landed him a contract with RCA.

Tippin's debut album, You've Got to Stand for Something, was released in 1991; its title cut became a Top Ten smash in the wake of the Persian Gulf War, and Tippin was invited along on Bob Hope's USO tour. His second album, 1992's Read Between the Lines, was a million-selling Top Ten smash, producing three Top Ten singles in "I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way," "My Blue Angel," and his first number one, "There Ain't Nothing Wrong with the Radio." 1993's The Call of the Wild underlined Tippin's penchant for rabble-rousing anthems like "Honky Tonk Superman," the Top Ten "Working Man's Ph.D.," and the Top 20 title cut. The following year's Lookin' Back at Myself was less successful, but 1995's Tool Box returned him to the top of the singles charts with "That's as Close as I'll Get to Loving You." Tippin also remarried that year.

When Tippin's follow-up singles failed to duplicate their predecessor's popularity, his relationship with RCA began to fray. They eventually parted ways, and it wasn't until 1998 that Tippin managed to score another deal, this time with Disney subsidiary Lyric Street Records. He co-produced his label debut, What This Country Needs, which was released later that year and returned him to the Top Ten via the single "For You I Will." The follow-up, 2000's People Like Us, became the first Tippin album to make the country Top Five, thanks to the number one smash "Kiss This," a song co-written by Tippin's wife Thea. The Christmas album A December to Remember followed in 2001, and Tippin returned with a proper follow-up, Stars & Stripes, in 2002. The post-September 11 anthem "Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly" was a crossover smash, not only reaching number two on the country charts but also climbing into the pop Top 20. An album of trucking songs, In Overdrive, appeared in 2009. Tippin spent the next few years relatively quietly, but in 2013 he set out on the road with fellow country singers Sammy Kershaw and Joe Diffie on a tour called All in the Same Boat; the trio released an accompanying album of the same name in May. ~ Steve Huey
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Selected Discography


Track List: Now And Then

1. Ready To Rock (In A Country Kinda Way)

2. Could Not Stop Myself

3. He Believed

4. Whole Lotta Love On The Line

5. Working Man's Ph.D.

6. Call Of The Wild

7. There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio

8. That's As Close As I'll Get To Loving You

9. I Got It Honest

10. I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

11. I Wonder How Far It Is Over You

12. Honky-Tonk Superman

13. My Blue Angel


Track List: Come Friday / It's Friday

1. Come Friday

2. It's Friday (Alternate Single Version)


Track List: Ultimate Aaron Tippin

1. You've Got To Stand For Something

2. I Wonder How Far It Is Over You

3. There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio

4. I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

5. I Was Born With A Broken Heart

6. My Blue Angel

7. Workin' Man's Ph.D

8. The Call Of The Wild

9. Honky-Tonk Superman

10. Whole Lotta Love On The Line

11. I Got It Honest

12. She Feels Like A Brand New Man Tonight

13. That's As Close As I'll Get To Loving You

14. Without Your Love

15. Country Boy's Tool Box

16. Ten Pound Hammer

17. How's The Radio Know

18. I Can Help

19. That's What Happens When I Hold You

20. A Door


Track List: RCA Country Legends

1. You've Got To Stand For Something

2. There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio

3. I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

4. My Blue Angel

5. Working Man's Ph.D

6. That's As Close As I'll Get To Loving You

7. The Call Of The Wild

8. Ain't That A Hell Of A Note

9. The Sky's Got The Blues

10. Many, Many, Many Beers Ago

11. The Man That Came Between Us (Was Me)

12. I Wonder How Far It Is Over You

13. These Sweet Dreams

14. I Miss Misbehavin'

15. When Country Took The Throne

16. You Are The Woman


Track List: Stars & Stripes

1. Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly

2. I'll Take Love Over Money

3. I Believed

4. Honky Tonk If You Love Country

5. If Her Lovin' Don't Kill Me

6. Love Like There's No Tomorrow

7. At The End Of The Day

8. We Can't Get Any Higher Than This

9. Five Gallon Tear

10. This Old Couch

11. Love Me Back


Track List: People Like Us

1. Kiss This

2. And I Love You

3. People Like Us

4. Always Was

5. I'd Be Afraid Of Losing You

6. Lost

7. Big Boy Toys

8. Twenty-Nine And Holding

9. Every Now and Then (I wish Then Was Now)

10. The Night Shift

11. The Best Love We Ever Made (feat. Thea Tippin)


Track List: What This Country Needs

1. What This Country Needs

2. For You I Will

3. Her

4. I Didn't Come This Far (Just To Walk Away)

5. I'm Leaving

6. Nothing Compares To Loving You

7. Don't Stop (We're Just Gettin' Started)

8. Somewhere Under The Rainbow

9. Back When I Knew Everything

10. Sweetwater

11. You're The Only Reason For Me


Track List: The Essential Aaron Tippin

1. You've Got To Stand For Something

2. The Man That Came Between Us (Was Me)

3. Many, Many, Many Beers Ago

4. There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio

5. I Was Born With A Broken Heart

6. Workin' Man's Ph.D

7. The Call Of The Wild

8. She Feels Like A Brand New Man Tonight

9. Mission From Hank

10. You Are The Woman

11. Cold Chill

12. All I Have To Offer You Is Me

13. Country Boy's Tool Box

14. That's As Close As I'll Get To Loving You

15. How's The Radio Know

16. I Can Help


Track List: Super Hits

1. You've Got To Stand For Something

2. I Wonder How Far It Is Over You

3. There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio

4. I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

5. My Blue Angel

6. I Got It Honest

7. That's As Close As I'll Get To Loving You

8. Honky-Tonk Superman

9. She Made A Memory Out Of Me

10. Without Your Love


Track List: Greatest Hits

1. Cold Gray Kentucky Morning

2. You've Got To Stand For Something

3. There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio

4. I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

5. A Door

6. My Blue Angel

7. Working Man's Ph.D

8. The Call Of The Wild

9. That What Happens When I Hold You

10. A Whole Lotta Love On The Line

11. I Got It Honest

12. That's As Close As I Get To Loving You

13. If Only Your Eyes Could Lie


Track List: God's Not Through With Me Yet (Single)

1. God's Not Through With Me Yet


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Don't read this you will be kissed on the nearest Friday by the love of your life tomorrow will be the best day of your life now you've started don't stop this is so freaky but if you you read this and ignore it you will have bad luck put this on 15 songs in 144 mins when your done push the space bar and your crushes name will appear in big letters on the screen this is so freaky it actually works.
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Smokey and the bandit is the best movie ever!!! I GOT THE PEDDLE TO THE METAL AND THE THING TO THE FLOOR!!!!!
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God Bless America!
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cheyennesalo o n 3
Cool awesome song is a good one and only a few days ago when he was not immediately available for comment on the other hand the ball and the best of luck in your life and death in the morning to you in my head hurts so bad I have no idea what to say that you are a few weeks ago I had to do with my friends and the other side of the day after a while and then I was just thinking of you guys have to do it for me and my friends to play it for the rest of the day before my eyes and the other day of m
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One of my all time favorite artist! I grew up listening to My Blue Angel as a kid in Vancleave MS in the 90s and was hooked!! I got to see him in concert in 2000 in southern Mississippi and it was a blast!! I'm now 32 and live in Ohio with my wife and son and would love to take them to an Aaron Tippin concert. I hope to see you again!!!!!
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Jerry does a better job
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Yeeeeeeeeeee e e e e e e e Haw'rawa Wooooo

Amen Good Song By Aaron Tipping


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You better get an education was too many people come across the border for the labor jobs so you better have an education or starve
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I like this song blue Angel
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I'm just an old fashion patriot love for this country love for this flag...God Bless America.
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Love your music.
Report as inappropriate
It's like people think the artists are reading these comments
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Love your music....the lyrics always make me proud to be an AMERICAN...T h a n k you
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Great Artist just got back from meet and greet with him and Eddie Stubbs in Nashville TN. Had a blast at the live taping of the interview on WSM 950 AM whoop!!!!
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Ya great song
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Love you music Aaron
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I Love Aaron Tippin
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love this song
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Really annoying for those of you to post these things where your telling people to repost or they will die. I know for a fact that God is the only person that knows when we are to take our place with him and some stupid post like that DOES NOT dictate that for anybody. Quit posting that stupid crap.
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My sister Amanda loves this song to!
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Love this song and the others he puts on just love them so much I could cry!!!!!:) so who sings this song??????? My brother Matthew is in heaven and he loves this song....??? Amanda
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Please stop posting those annoying comments about crushes and all that rubbish. It's probably not you (the reader of this comment), but if it is, I kindly ask you to stop.
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Love aaron tippin even if I barley hear him If u dont kno him you've like neva lived eva
Report as inappropriate
Aaron rocked at our Air Show...he even brought his own bomber plane! He's a great entertainer, and fun to watch.... :)
Report as inappropriate
Saw him live back in 92. He's awesome! And love his song Kiss This. Always makes me smile. :)
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uncle aaron you are the best! hope to see you soon =)
Report as inappropriate
saw him in concert in montana after stars and stripes came out. helluva concert! great artist, if you get the chance you gotta see him live.
Report as inappropriate
I saw Aaron in Aug at our local county fair. he puts on one helluva show. really blew my mind that he could still be that enthusiastic about music. I was amazed.
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Report as inappropriate
Aaron is another Great Guy! and a Great Talent!!! I was lucky enough to get my picture taken with him at Alabama's June Jam 1992. or there abouts It was one of my first June Jams. I went to 5 out of the Last 7 they had. Iwas Lucky enough to be in the Press Tent.
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Very underated singer !!!!
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mwyneken--go o d one--I wonder which one AP'd find more offensive?
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Aaron Tippin your concert ROCKED at the MCarther,Ca fair last night. He gave me a thumbs up. Keep rocking buddy
Report as inappropriate
Aaron Tippin saw you in many concerts at county fairs in Ohio. Thanks for stopping by at our county fairs your shows get better every time. Thanks!!!
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blue.skies.2 . u
Aaron has a humorus way of telling it like it is.
Can't find the words to express what you are thinking, just listen to his songs, no body could put your thoughts into perspective better.
Listen to Kiss This, You've Got To Stand ForSomething .
Want to think about your first car? Listen to every word of the song where he has 18 speakers 'cross his back dash. Gotta love it. Yup, a true Redneck...
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He looks like some hick hybrid of Sean Penn and Freddy Mercury.
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Aaron Tippin was and still is HOT, HOT, HOT!! His music is great too.
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he is a good looking man, in this country girls eyes
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I love you.
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What a true american,who stands for something! Great voice.
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I've enjoyed Aarons music for a long time and I can never get enough of it. I love his voice and the songs that he sings. I haven't heard a song yet that he sings thatI don't love. I was lucky enough to see him in concert in Topeka KS one year, and he sounds just as good live as his recordings sound.
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sounds good and twice as cute
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never heard him before untill now but i all ready love him
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Aaron Tippin is Country Music most under rated artist. I absolutly love his music and patriotic spirit.

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