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The Four Freshmen

The Four Freshmen were one of the top vocal groups of the 1950s, and formed the bridge between '40s ensembles like the Mel-Tones and harmony-based rock & roll bands such as the Beach Boys as well as groups like Spanky & Our Gang and the Manhattan Transfer. The group's roots go back to the end of the 1940s and a barbershop quartet-influenced outfit called Hal's Harmonizers, organized at the Arthur Jordan Conservatory of Butler University in Indiana by two brothers, Ross and Don Barbour. Their repertoire centered on standards such as "Moonglow" and "The Christmas Song," and they began to show an unusually free, improvisational approach to their harmony singing. A couple of membership changes brought Bob Flanigan, a cousin, into the fold alongside Hal Kratzsch, and suddenly the Four Freshmen were assembled in all but name, and that fell into place a little later.

The group struggled for a long time, living hand-to-mouth while building a repertoire and a sound -- many people who've heard the group's records or are familiar with their sound are unaware that they were also completely self-contained instrumentally, each member playing more than one instrument and allowing the others to switch off to different roles. They came to attention of various jazz figures of the era, including Dizzy Gillespie, Woody Herman, and Stan Kenton, and it was Kenton who took matters into his own hands, bringing the group to the attention of Capitol Records, where the bandleader had a longstanding relationship. Thus began a long and fruitful relationship with the label, initially under the guidance of arranger Pete Rugolo -- gigs followed on The Steve Allen Show (then one of the top-rated entertainment showcases on television) and with Ray Anthony's band; they also managed to make an appearance in the MGM movie Rich, Young and Pretty.

Their first hit single was "It's a Blue World," released in 1952, and they enjoyed further success with "Mood Indigo" (1954), "Day By Day" (1955), and "Graduation Day" (1956). They released their first LP, Voices in Modern, in 1955 (and some dozen more 12" discs over the next five years); that album was as impressive a jazz document as it was a vocal pop effort, showcasing the group members' playing as well as their singing and showing that these guys had lots of complex musical strings in their bow. It was on these albums that the quartet also showed itself to be a very smart outfit, not just in musical terms but logistically as well. Rather than simply doing any 12 songs that might have been working well in its stage act, the group made these releases into conceptual works, either musically (built around the sounds achieved by combinations of the group's sound and specific accompaniments, such as Four Freshmen and 5 Trombones, Four Freshmen and Five Guitars, etc.) or as thematic arrays of songs (such as Voices in Love and Voices in Latin).

This approach to devising and creating albums (which paralleled the kind of work that Frank Sinatra was doing concurrently on the same label) would have an influence on groups like the Beach Boys that was nearly as important as their harmony sound; it's also an important reason why, in combination with their virtuosity, their albums have held up so well across 40 years. Their sound and range were helped by the fact that their benefactor, Kenton, was on the same label, which made it possible for them to record together on occasion. Most of their late-'50s albums were good sellers -- most have been reissued several times on vinyl and CD -- and they had no shortage of top bookings and top pay to keep them going into the early '60s.

There were membership changes along the way -- Kratzsch left in the spring of 1953, to be replaced by Ken Errair who, in turn, was succeeded by Ken Albers in April of 1956, while Don Barbour left in 1960, replaced by Bill Comstock. That lineup lasted intact for nearly 13 years, into the 1970s, but by that time the group's influence had faded to almost nothing. The Four Freshmen had managed to stay competitive with other pop acts through the mid-'60s, and even got a very visible boost from the Beach Boys, in the form of Brian Wilson's frequent expressions of admiration for the quartet as part of his inspiration behind putting together the rock & roll group's sound, but following the arrival of the British Invasion, they were no longer anywhere near the cutting edge of pop music. They continued to record and perform, even assimilating such contemporary songs as Jimmy Webb's "By the Time I Get to Phoenix," but they were effectively relegated to the "easy listening" stations. Their contract with Capitol ended in 1964, and the group's last affiliation with a major label was in the second half of the decade with Liberty Records, which yielded four LPs but no hits. By 1977, Bob Flanigan was the last original member, and he retired in 1992. Flanigan died of heart failure at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 15, 2011 and cousin Ross Barbour, the last of the original Four Freshmen, died of lung cancer in Simi Valley, California three months later, on August 20, 2011.

New lineups of the group (including the latter-day quartet of Brian Eichenberger, Curtis Calderon, Bob Ferreira, and Vince Johnson) have continued to perform into the second decade of the 21st century, however, and have been considered an artistically valid ensemble. (In 2000 the Four Freshmen were voted Vocal Group of the Year by Down Beat magazine's readers.) And in 2001, no less a label than Mosaic Records -- the company that issues complete catalogs of jazz legends going back to the 1930s, in deluxe packaging -- released a multi-CD box of the Four Freshmen's complete 1950s recordings, proudly (and even defiantly, given the label's catalog) proclaiming the quartet's validity as a jazz outfit. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi
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Selected Discography


Track List: Time Was

1. In The Still Of The Night

2. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows

3. There Is No Greater Love

4. Moonlight

5. It Could Happen To You

6. Out Of Nowhere

7. I'll Remember April

8. While You Are Gone

9. Warm

10. Time Was

11. You're All I See

12. I Heard You Cried Last Night

13. Love Lost

14. Spring Is Here

15. I'm A Fool To Want You

16. I Should Care

17. I Could Have Told You

18. If I Ever Love Again

19. The Gal That Got Away

20. When Your Lover Has Gone

21. I Wish I Didn't Love You So

22. I Wish I Knew

23. I'll Never Smile Again

24. Little Girl Blue


Track List: Four Freshmen And 5 Trombones

1. Angel Eyes

2. Love Is Just Around The Corner

3. Mam'selle

4. Speak Low

5. The Last Time I Saw Paris

6. Somebody Loves Me

7. You Stepped Out Of A Dream

8. I Remember You

9. Love

10. Our Love Is Here To Stay

11. You Made Me Love You

12. Guilty


Track List: Live In Holland

1. Young And Foolish (Live)

2. Invitation (Live)

3. I'm Gonna Go Fishin' (Live)

4. Indian Summer (Live)

5. Every Time We Say Goodbye (Live)

6. Angel Eyes (Live)

7. You Call It Madness, I Call It Love (Live)

8. After You've Gone (Live)

9. Day In Day Out (Live)

10. Poinciana (Live)

11. There Will Never Be Another You (Live)

12. Day By Day (Live)

13. It's A Blue World (Live)

14. Route 66 (Live)


Track List: In Session

1. It's All Right With Me

2. My One And Only

3. Skylark

4. If I Only Had A Brain

5. Early Autumn

6. Something's Gotta Give

7. How Do You Keep The Music Playing

8. That Old Feeling

9. September Song

10. If I Had You

11. You've Changed


Track List: Voices In Modern / Funny How Time Slips Away

1. After You

2. Over The Rainbow

3. My Heart Stood Still

4. The Nearness Of You

5. Holiday

6. Stormy Weather

7. Street Of Dreams

9. Circus

10. Mood Indigo

11. It Happened Once Before

12. It's A Blue World

14. Graduation Day


Track List: In Person / Voices And Brass

2. In This Whole Wide World

3. Holiday

5. You've Got Me Cryin' Again

6. My Heart Stood Still

8. Day By Day

9. Malaya

10. Indian Summer

11. Them There Eyes

12. Circus

13. It's A Blue World

14. Mr. B's Blues

16. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66

17. I Had The Craziest Dream

20. Laura

21. Candy

23. Pennies From Heaven


Track List: Live In The New Millennium

1. Day By Day (Live)

2. I Concentrate On You

3. Intro

4. I'm Gonna Go Fishin'

5. I Fall In Love Too Easily

6. Intro

7. Can't Take You Nowhere

8. Poiniciana

9. Love Dance

10. Route 66 (Live)

11. Polka Dots And Moonbeams

12. This October

13. Intro

14. Graduation Day (Live)

15. Intro

16. You Came A Long Way From St. Louis

17. After You've Gone

18. Intro

19. Walkin' My Baby Back Home

20. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring


Track List: In Concert

1. You've Got Me Crying Again (Live)

2. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (Live)

3. Love Lost (Live)

4. There Will Never Be Another You (Live)

5. Polka Dots And Moonbeams (Live)

6. How Can I Tell Her (Live)

7. Angel Eyes (Live)

8. Blues In The Night (Live)

9. Fools Rush In (Live)

10. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (Live)

11. In This Whole Wide World (Live)


Track List: Great Gentlemen Of Song / Spotlight On The Four Freshmen (Remaster)

1. Pennies From Heaven

2. Guilty

3. Got A Date With An Angel

4. I Should Care

5. Street Of Dreams

7. I Thought About You

8. I Had The Craziest Dream

9. There Will Never Be Another You

10. Our Love Is Here To Stay

11. I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You

12. For All We Know

13. When Your Lover Has Gone

14. Somebody Loves Me

15. Laura

16. After You've Gone

17. Li'l Darlin'

18. It's A Pity To Say Goodnight


Track List: 5 Trombones & 5 Trumpets

1. Angel Eyes

2. Love Is Just Around The Corner

3. Mam'selle

4. Speak Low

5. The Last Time I Saw Paris

6. Somebody Loves Me

7. You Stepped Out Of A Dream

8. I Remember You

9. Love

10. Our Love Is Here To Stay

11. You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)

12. Guilty

13. Easy Street

14. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye

15. Laughing On The Outside (Crying On The Inside)

16. After You've Gone

18. There Will Never Be Another You

19. Got A Date With An Angel

20. Something In The Wind

21. Someone Like You

22. The Night We Called It A Day

23. Give Me The Simple Life

24. Goodnight Sweetheart


Track List: Day By Day

1. Day By Day

2. Lulu's Back In Town

3. Polka Dots And Moonbeams

4. Teach Me Tonight

5. It's Only A Paper Moon

6. This October

7. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring

8. Candy

9. Once In Love With Amy

10. Show Me The Way To Get Out Of This World

11. Fools Rush In

12. Somebody Loves Me

13. Taps Miller

14. Route 66

15. In This Whole Wide World


Track List: Greatest Hits

1. Angel Eyes

2. In This Whole Wide World

3. It's A Blue World

5. It's A Blue World

6. Day By Day

7. Graduation Day

9. Candy

10. It Could Happen To You


Track List: Fresh!

1. We're In This Love Together

2. Sailing

3. I.G.Y.

4. What Is Life?

5. Do I Do!

6. Route 66

7. Maxine

8. Sunshine Of My Life

9. Sophisticated Suite


Track List: The Four Freshmen - Collector's Series

1. It's A Blue World

2. The Day Isn't Long Enough

3. Poinciana

4. It Happened Once Before

5. Please Remember

6. We'll Be Together Again

7. Mood Indigo

8. It Never Occurred To Me

9. Day By Day

10. How Can I Tell Her

11. Charmaine

12. In This Whole Wide World

13. Angel Eyes

14. Love Is Just Around The Corner

15. Graduation Day

16. Whistle Me Some Blues

17. It Could Happen To You

18. Candy

19. Route 66

20. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring

21. And So It's Over


Track List: Graduation Day

1. Graduation Day

2. Poinciana

3. It's A Blue World

4. In This Whole Wide World

5. The Day Isn't Long Enough

6. I've Never Loved Anyone More

7. Lovin' You

8. Everytime You Touch

9. Doven Home Shangri La

10. Carnival Of Life


Track List: The Star Spangled Banner (Cd Single)


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In 1954 I worked at a summer camp near Lake Arrowhead before joining the Air Force. The camp curator's son also worked there and he operated the loudspeaker system for the camp. He played the FF almost exclusively and I was hooked. I am 81 and I still have the albums I bought in '54, '55, '56, and a couple more. I have transferred them to CD and listen to them regularly. I love them. They take me back to a better time.
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Report as inappropriate
Ive got some of their i know why Brian wilson love them its all about the harmonies. Hopewell. Va.
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Was so fortunate to meet Bob and Ross overseas on Alconbury RAF base at the NCOS club they bought me a drink, had a very nice conversation during their show break - fortunate I was in the 60's a fan since then forever!
Report as inappropriate
The Four Freshmen are still the best jazz/instrum e n t a l / v o c a l group in music history.
Report as inappropriate
The Four Freshmen came to Chambersburg , PA a few years ago and they were as great as the original Freshmen. Always most enjoyable.
Report as inappropriate
bobgreen0821 4 2
Four Freshmen came to Lawrence KS in the 80s and Flanigan came to our table and visited quite a while. I am a big fan and I sing in a barbershop quartet. I also play jazz trombone so I liked Flanigan on the bone solos.
Report as inappropriate
Heard FF for the first time at a concert at Syracuse University in 1959. They are my all time favorite. The famous Vocal Majority chorus in Dallas sings several of their arrangements . Jim Clancy, the director of The VM, was friends with Bob Flanigan.
Report as inappropriate
I have been a loving fan of the great Four Freshman for many years. In my twenties I heard them perform at SMU in Dallas and later in a concert with June Christy and Stan Kenton. The Four Freshman, June Christy, Stan Kenton is a great CD if you not heard it. The beautiful distinguishe d sound of the Four Freshman can be imitated but not copied.
Report as inappropriate
This takes me to a special place and a feeling of what things could be. I love the music of the Four Freshman.
Report as inappropriate
When I got back from Korea I became a DJ and played all of the FF music and closed my show every night with Wee Small Hours. Attending FF concert tonight 56 years later in Cleveland
Report as inappropriate
I too have been loving them since the '50's. Have much of their music on '45's. They have never lost their appeal.
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Forgot to mention I started listening to them in 1954 and I first saw them live in 1957 in San Francisco, then Las Vegas (twice), Phoenix (three times).

Great memories!!!! ! ! !
Report as inappropriate
Fortunate to have seen the original Freshmen several times and identified with their music like no other group. Met Bob Flannigan when he formed the New group.

Will be a fan until the day I die.

Best vocal group EVER!

May they all rest in peace.
Report as inappropriate
I've been a Freshman since 1955 and will be one forever. Their unique sound and approach to the jazz genre is without parallel.

Report as inappropriate
The best!
Report as inappropriate
The world's best sound kml Las Vegas
Report as inappropriate
Took 'em with me to college in 1957; saw them in an open-air concert in late 60's; never lost love of their signature jazzy style. My all-time favorite vocal group!
Report as inappropriate
saw them in concert in Newton N.J. Harmonies blew me away
Report as inappropriate
Always a big jazz fan i am thus I always loved the Four Freshmen
Report as inappropriate
I can hear their influence on Singers Unlimited and Take 6. These guys were doing Jazz harmonics in their sound before anybody. I know thats arguable..ho w e v e r Gene Perlum of S.U. was listening and took it even furthur !
Report as inappropriate
The Four Freshmen,wit h o u t a doubt, make other similar groups listen in awe!
Report as inappropriate
When I heard It's A Blue World on a jukebox in my home town in Gladstone, Michigan I became an instant and life-long Freshmen fan. For my money they have had more musical talent than any four musicians who have ever worked together. The current version is superbly multi-talent e d . I can think of no other group that has had as much success vocally and instrumental l y in my lifetime. Bill Cannon Class of 1951
Report as inappropriate
Group was The Total Package. Gave old tunes new life. Provided fans with new tunes. Played so many instruments and so well! Is it any wonder that it was The Four Freshmen that gave birth to The Beach Boys?? Roy Boyer, Boulder CO
Report as inappropriate
My Dad went to high school with Ross Barbour in Indiana. In 1969 my family went to see my favorite singer, Glen Campbell. My Dad managed to talk to Ross Barbour during the intermission and I managed to get into Glen's dressing room and got his autograph, thanks to Ross! He even visited out house, Ross did, when the group was near the city where we lived. The Four Freshmen are the BEST VOCAL GROUP EVER!!! There may be imitations but they are the best!!!!
Report as inappropriate
The best group ever! The new guys sure picked up where the originals left off! Have always loved these guys!!!! Roger
Report as inappropriate
at first I didn`t think this group could live up to the first freshmen, but after seeing them 2010& 2011 I am convinced that they live up to talents of any I mean any group , BOB FLANIGAN himself said this present F.F. group is the best group ever I agree; R.I.P. original FRESHMEN
Report as inappropriate
My brother and I grew up listening to the Four Freshmen in the late 50's and 60's. Our dad's favorite group. Great harmonies. We just saw Brian, Bob, Curtis and Vince at the Stoneham Theatre and their sound is as good as the sound I remember back in the 60's. And all week I have been singing in my head It's a Blue World, Poinciana, Day by Day, Day in Day out, Polkadots & moonbeams, and many more. A great show and our hope is that the Four Freshmen will continue to came back to the Stoneham T
Report as inappropriate
There were many college groups that patterned themselves after the Four Freshmen. They created a new sound and were the first vocal group to actually do their own instrumental backup. When It's a Blue World came out no one could believe it was just four guys making all that music. I transcribed all their vocals for my quartet. When we went to their performance in Lubbock, Texas, we went backstage and sang for them. They were such great guys that we stood in a circle singing with them.

Report as inappropriate
courtneymine h a r t
Saw them at Facts in San Francisco in the fifties! Have several of their LPs and agree that their sound was unique!! CourtneyM
Report as inappropriate
I was saddened to learn of the deaths of the last original members this year (2011) ... Bob Flanigan and Ross Barbour. I first heard their truly unique sound as I was falling asleep to Ray Star's Stars In The Night
radio show in Waterloo, Iowa (1952/53). Their unusual harmony in It's A Blue World got my attention immediately, and I've been a fan ever since. There's never been a replacement for them, though I think of the King Sisters as a sort of female version of The Four Freshmen.
Report as inappropriate
Great harmonies! The group I was in had geat harmonies like the Freshmen! I miss my group The Roy Meyer Swingers. Music does soothe the savage beast!
Report as inappropriate
The last original member is now gone. What a wonderful
group of entertainers they were. Nothing else quite like
them. God bless them all.
Report as inappropriate
There may have been some groups like the Freshman but no one has the sound. The new group is as close to the original as I have heard yet. I first heard them in the middle 50's and have been a fan ever since. I always go to see them when they are in Las Vegas. I went to see them in 1964 at the Coconut Grove in Hollywood with George Shearing and have never forgotten it. Play on and keep the sound going.
Report as inappropriate
The Az.Shaws In July of 1954, a boy I had met at work asked me out. After the movie we sat on my couch and played "I'll Be Seeing You" by the Four Freshmen. Our first kiss happened then! Here it is 2011 and that boy has been my husband for 52 years, after dating for 5 years before that. We still love our "Freshmen" and will most likely buy the complete set from the 50's, the greatest era of our kind of music!!
Report as inappropriate
over 25 years of this groups music and i still feel few if any harmonizers come close to the kind of sound and taste these guys brought to the world
Report as inappropriate
They are the best The Four Freshmen Brian Bob Vince and Curtis BWFeineigle
Report as inappropriate
After all the many years the FF have been my favorite musicians, I still get chills when I listen to them... the unique blend, the close harmony, and the true musicianship . The years just drop away when I play my LP's, my 45's, my CD's, and each time I see the group live. Thankfully, the sound perpetuates. It's "comfort food" for the soul.
Report as inappropriate
caramia_chul i t a
I have been a fan since they first started....h a v e seen them in person
three times..and I still play them often and love them...Bob Flannigan
was the greatest improvement. . . . l o v e the close Harmony...La d s , Ames...rate them the them all every day...have them in my ipod...thank s Pandora, you are the greatest to keep this music alive..the horrid stuff today..not music..CaraM i a , Ohio
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In college in the mid-50's, I was a member of a quartet that patterned itself after the the popular Four Freshman and the HiLo's. I loved the sound...saw them, in the new version, recently at Phila. at the Barbershop Convention in July, 2010 and although a different group, they sounded terrific, as always. Loved them.
Report as inappropriate
My all-time favorite group in the 50's+. The music takes me right back!!
Report as inappropriate
I had a standing order for any new releases from the record shop at Penn State in the early to mid 50's-we danced to their music at weekend fraternity parties
Report as inappropriate
This group brings back high school memories. I have seen them twice and I would love to see them perform again,
Report as inappropriate
Love this group. I have seen them in person four times, the first time in 1955 and the last on May 15th, 2010. They are as good as they ever were!!
Report as inappropriate
This edition of the Four Freshmen is probably the best the group has sounded in decades. Marvelous entertainers and nice guys, too.
Report as inappropriate
the 1st group will always rule without a doubt.
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